April 24, 2021


In 2021, Zoho is a well-known Indian business software solution company successively functioning over more than twenty years and taking Microsoft as a lead competitor to win. They created more than 40+ business software with 50 million users across the world. The team of Zoho Creator asked for an explainer video, that spells out how advantageous Zoho Creator is.

Client requirement:

Zoho offering multiple business software tools to every business structure. But creating ERP solutions for manufacturing is a highly meticulous task. The Zoho team approached us to animate a product promotion video to introduce their newly launch ERP software “Zoho Creator”. The video should explain what is Zoho Creator?, its functionality, benefits, how it eases the ERP process?, and it should create an awareness of Zoho ERP software used in manufacturing units.

  • The production of the video should combine the glossy look, newness, and originality
  • The client prefers both 2D and 3D usage of animation to illustrate the script
  • Story script already developed by our client and it was given.

How we planned:

Once we got the script lines, our team started to draft the rough visual sketch based on the given story script. There are multiple references and ideas on a central character that we had taken into account.


Zoho creator Software video-Picto
Software Video- Picto

Project Challenges:

After the completion of the sample plan, the client felt to change the digital presentation. They wanted to change the usage of character representation in the video. It was the greatest challenge and our team was constrained to think of a new idea and that should be the best than the previous one. We used to analyze multiple references to get the best result. We finally concluded to use 2D and 3D – visual objects instead of the animated characters. At the time of finalizing the concept, our client totally skeptical about this new idea. As a pioneer in the field of animation, they already tried this idea though that was not brought out well.

promotion video- Picto


How we did it

To professionally convince the client there are multiple references were taken for our workflow, with the reference of those samples, the illustration works were completed. When the illustration works delivered to the client, they were fully satisfied with the exact outcome of the idea but still skeptical whether it is exactly transformed into the final animation video or not. As per the client requirement, we don’t include any facial features. After, much research on the ERP software technology, and platform we chose multiple objective elements. In terms of style, we tried simple shapes and their transformations to convey the full idea of this video.


Zoho- Creator animation and illustration
2D & 3D animation- Picto



We paid meticulous care to shapes and their motion until they animated prolifically. Once the animation work had completed, we re-examine the script to ensure the change of objects brings liveliness to the story. That’s why the animation works blend from one scene to the other scene. Taking the reference of the client’s branding colors and Zoho dashboards, we animated some new design elements to flourish and showcased the dynamic brand name thorough out the video. Zoho’s team was very supportive, they had trust in our skill. Workspace, comfort zone, work freedom, flexibility, endurance, and taking more care of our suggestions all were the success factors of this product promotion video.



Once we completed the voice over it exactly matched the idea of our client. We had received good, positive, and satisfied feedback from ours. While developing the storyboard, we took into consideration of simple  2D 3D animation shapes, transformations, and seamless transitions in each scene to create a sophisticated, technological & posh outcome that matches the Zoho Creator- ERP software concept. Think smart, implement the best! – a golden line we learned from this project.




We are Picto Design Studio! Our project crew:

Creative Direction: Abraham & Vivek

Illustration: Abraham Churchill

Visualizer: Abraham Churchill

Illustration: Tamilmani

Animation: Vivek

Animation: Kalaiselvan

Animation: Karthigan

Animation: Thangaprabhakaran

Project Co-ordination: Preeti

Voice-over Artist: Erikalee (US Accent)

Time: 1 Month

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