How to use videos for user engagement?

How to use videos to increase the viewers’ engagement:

How to use videos for business improvisation is the current strategy in the world of marketing. Once the improvising contents, keywords, and other SEO elements are taking its priority. But evolution is casual in the change of pace. Moreover, stepping forward to the business success, changing the business strategy is a powerful weapon. In this list video marketing strategies playing a smart role and now it’s time to use 2D and 3D animation videos to increase the viewers’ engagement to your blog, website, or any other new product or service. Today, business analytics improves a lot more than the traditional way of marketing. So, just catch up the right way and go ahead with more reach. However, the marketing campaigns also ignite multiple insights. So, there is no phase for pitfall. Just follow this blog to know more interesting ideas on video promotion.

How to use video content

How to use videos for business?

Before swiftly implementing the business videos, conducting the survey is the finest option. First of all, try to know how your clients, consumers, and audience respond and absorb your videos. Suppose, if it is a landing page and user engaging blog, just notice the common response, then the changing look of the promotional videos will be a massive change and obviously increase more viewers and customers. Planning a strong place for the brand on social media pages like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and landing page are the mandatory goal. Then spending quality time on blogs, video posts all give valuable information. Some people like to view the full video, some people will skip it. Measuring the pulse of the audience behavior will lead to knowing the business engagement. Either it can be video content or infography like video promotion. Use it well to reach more people.

Let’s break up the boring passages:

Now we are living between the ultimate technologies. Everyone seeking attention in a very short span. Due to the rapid advancement, getting attention is crucial. According to a survey, only taking nearly 15 seconds is enough to reach and capture the readers’ attention. But providing the live-action or animation video shall be an intensive or eye-catching and mind-blowing message it must carry. In recent days, people are expecting a variety of videos rather than blog content. Approximately, only 20% of people only have their attention on this blog. For an ideal post, the reader should stay in 7 minutes on the blog as well as it possesses up to 1600 words. Too much visual content usually breaks up the reading order. So, spending 7 minutes will save time and a 30 minutes animation video will give the idea about the passage gist. Make it simple and wiser.

How to use videos as real- attractors?

Instantly absorbing the main points in a long passage of the blog is a complex task. If it is a video the viewers can pause and replay. But finding the right point at the long passage will disappoint the audience. The globe is fully filled with tech-savvy people. Online is the primary meeting place for today’s generation. Whenever they ready to buy something promotional videos are their driving force. But creating the right and original content, making it concise, time to time updating the content all are important elements in the usage of the business videos. Well, now all you get is your insightful answer for the question of how to use videos for business engagement. The interaction with your content tells a lot to improve them.


Neatness and perfection and simplicity are the real success factors of the business. It does not only stand on the business approach but also on the video marketing platform. Giving your brand awareness with simplicity is the real challenge in today’s world. Actually, the creative people are giving the best output phenomenally.



There is no boundary for video making. Whatever the complex process, it will instantly notify the central idea without any more time. Suppose, if the technical paper with 20 pages never gets your client or business partners’ attention. If it composes in the video format then all will love the video. Picto is one of the fore frontiers in the making of all business-type videos. To know more see our channel and don’t forget to get innovative with Picto! click here.



Video content marketing VS video advertising

Difference between Video content marketing and video advertising:

Video content marketing and video advertising both sound the same. Originally, they are totally different streams. In the heavy business competition, both are playing their crucial roles. Both are different from three important backgrounds. Primarily the length of the video content and advertising differs. Secondly, the quality matters, and finally the purpose of the advertising or the video content creation. Video content can come under multiple things. It comes under a promotion or product launch or anything. We can’t pitch this category in a particular order. Next, the video advertising is full and full for commercial purposes. Increasing sales and creating brand awareness is the primary goal of this video marketing. So, the video production companies can handle all the two categories basis on the requirement.

Video content marketing

Video content Category with Length:

For both video content marketing as well as advertising length is one of the crucial margins. While considering the duration, video advertising is the easy pick option. Because it merely takes 1- 2 minutes. Somewhere 15-30 seconds is also possible to convey the advertising video with curiosity. Subsequently, the 2D & 3D promotional video for the video content making nearly takes 10-15 minutes of duration. Make-up tutorials, education classes, product demos are the best examples for this category. Suppose, if you are ready to launch the new software product in the market, video content is the best. However, explaining the full process never ends within 15- 30 seconds. So, choosing the video content promotion as per the purpose of the video is essential. Length really matters. If it is simple and interesting, many people will love this video without any doubt.


Production quality:

Both video content marketing, as well as video advertising, requires the best quality of content. Clear quality of video only preaches the exact idea and the viewers can easily grasp them without any delay. It can be a live-action video or 2D 3D animation for both quality is a primary checklist. At the time of the advertising, campaign quality consumes money. Each video campaign for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or television professional looks with quality video swiftly interacts with the viewers. The huge companies that are expecting investment returns from video content marketing never ignore the point of quality. So, hiring a professional video production company is the smart choice. However, they have the first- hand knowledge of every style of video then it leads your advertisement to success. If you want success then don’t forget to approach Picto!


Video content and Video advertising Purpose:

Video advertisement primarily focusing on selling the product or service. It aims to educate as well as express the best quality. Moreover, the product or service market needs and the distinct qualities from other competitors. Online is a boon for advertisers. Moreover, most of the consumers who are engaged in these platforms help a lot for the sellers. YouTube is the peak platform that gains more video content and YouTube channels are the well-known platform only meant for video content creation. Make-up tutorials to educational classes like all live answers will instantly be getting through social media. So, prepare well. Whatever the content, animation video holds a peculiar set of fans. The complex process can also easily Convey through the animation characters.

Wrapping Up:

Regardless of Video content marketing and advertising, giving a clear idea and the choosing style is crucial. Video content will increase your investment. Undoubtedly It should be clear, best, and precise. Cost-wise, the production is definitely cozy. Yet, the investment will not end in vain. Today people love and spend much time watching videos. Compared to the advertisement, it is little time-consuming work that requires meticulous care at every step of the process. I hope you geared up to search for the best video production company for your business promotion. Here is your helping hand Picto! To know more See our Portfolios here.


How can I make basic animation for YouTube videos?


Basic animation for YouTube videos:

How Can I make basic animation type for YouTube? is one of the million dollar question in YouTube video making. Animation videos are many challenging and very demanding things on Social Media. The different types of businesses are conveying their business concept through animation videos. Due to this limitless idea presentation, many YouTubers prefer basic animation videos to eye-catching 2D and 3D styles. While exploring different types of YouTube videos, you can swiftly get the best idea to promote your business video. There are multiple tutorials and e-learning platforms available on the internet. In this blog, we explore the best animation tools and how they ease YouTube video creation. 


Youtube Video


Nowadays, a wide range of resources are available to make an animation video. However, writing the perfect script and perfect choice of tools only produce the best YouTube video. To an extent, to ease your search, you can pick a particular style of animation. Then try the same style for your business video. Or else you can choose the best animation video production agency to complete the rest of the work. For making the best animation videos for a YouTube channel, apt tools and software are essential. Before choosing the animation tools and software, explore more references to check the chosen software tool can produce the exact style you planned for the upcoming video.


Characteristics of good software tools:

Primarily, the choosing animation tool needs to have a user-friendly interface.

Simple drag and drop for character making, texts, and other properties are pre-animated to use.

Converting your video script to any language with the use of a text-to-speech tool.

Actually, it enables the use of a different soundtrack to give life to the narration.


Basic animation with customized options:

  • While, customising templates in software tools is a convenient option. It helps to adjust the character as much as possible.
  • Try to maintain the uniform color shade and environment, and it should match the graphical style.
  • Suppose, if you’re looking for multiple animation videos, choosing the style element is an essential one.
  • In brief, you are not a professional, so try to make the video so simple and use elements in a minimalistic way.
  • Don’t collapse the animation video with multiple elements at once. It consumes more time, as well as the beauty of the video, and can easily ruin.



Animation tools:

However, to match all these qualities Wideo, Powtoon, VideoScribe, Biteable, Animaker, Powtoon, and Goanimate, are the familiar tools in the market. Sometimes, Adobe After Effects, animatron are tools that can be handled only by professional people. Video-making tools are expensive. Yet, the making of the 2D 3D animation YouTube video is a time-consuming task. Whenever we use the tools, sometimes getting the fulfilled video is not assured. But, the professional can easily make the best video for your YouTubes with different ways and different concepts. The growing business platforms are picking the animation tools to create a business explainer more quickly. However, the transition from one scene to another scene needs to be smooth, without any hurry. The smooth transition will easily appeal to the minds of the viewers.




Wrapping up:

For getting such a dynamic outlook, the free trial software is not a consistent one. Then how to make a basic animation video for YouTubes? Selecting the best video production agency is the simple solution for this issue. They keenly understand your needs and requirements. Each process of the animation makes timely updating to the client. Are you looking for such a video production agency? Picto design studio is the hand-picking option. Sometimes, a newbie struggles to upgrade the tool and spends more money on this. It is not the right option.

Are you looking for the best animation video for your YouTube channel? Picto will offer multiple options. Motion graphics, 2D 3D animation, and trying innovation and creations are the pros of this studio. To know more about Picto, check out the videos. To know more click here.


What is Corporate video production and Why we need it?


What is a Corporate video? As a matter of fact, videos are simple to watch, more enjoyable and allow the viewer to grasp the content in a relaxed way. Actually, online videos are easier to watch videos than reading a book or printed document. Primarily, what makes video production so special and very engaging? In precise, it combines 2D and 3D animation visuals with audio and music, to simulate a real-life experience. 


Corporate video


Video is used to bring out the life to brand products and services. The various combinations of images and motions are swiftly sticking in the viewer’s memory. However, the advantage of videos comes in many ways. In Concise, elevating the idea with the different mood and increasing curiosity all are communicating through the video. Are all videos similar and following the same style? No, there are different types of videos used in the video marketing world. One of them is corporate videos.


What is a Corporate Video?

Corporate videos are the pre-mediated videos used to sell peculiar products or services, and sometimes emphasize the company culture, growth, and the issues faced in the hard space. It is a video that describes the tremendous achievements of a firm, their mission,  goal, and creating these types of videos perfectly using to enlarge their community and stepping up forward in their competitive market.



It only carries the unique features and focusing elements of the particular corporate firm and easily individualizes a corporate firm from its market competitors. Sometimes, they strongly throw light upon vision and future aspirations. The central thought of the video is whoever, watching the video needs to understand core values and its specific company culture. Boost trust and publicizing brand awareness all are only possible with this video type.


Corporate video- style of making:

As a rule of thumb, a visual and emotional way of explaining a corporate culture is the basis of this video style. It can be framed through story-telling or conveying through non-fictional forms using various animation elements are mandatory styles of a corporate video. Corporate tycoons are introducing these videos for their new employees and sometimes prefer to post their training videos to represent their corporate courtesy.



While considering all these elements, placing the videos on their official website engages more viewers. Not only the corporate but also the industries and product-based companies can use this video category. Explaining a corporate culture through story-telling cleverly balancing the complete furnishing of both emotional and visual touch. As per the online survey, a first-grade corporate video duration does not exceed more than five minutes.


Corporate video Not for an advertisement:

Corporate videos are completely different from the explainer and other advertisement videos. The purpose of the video lies in various categories; it can be instruction, safety, and training-related videos. Otherwise, use at demo sessions, product launch, and investors presentation. Generally,  formal corporate events of anniversary celebrations live to webcast, and interviews with the company leaders are the types of videos. Mean while, these videos will share on social media. The comments and likes will speak about your business with fascination.


Wrapping Up:

Hope you get the ideas on how to make a corporate video for improvisation of your business?.  There are multiple  animation studios near you. Picto Design studio will assist you in the best way and get corporate videos in a novel way. Do you seek such a vibrant corporate video ping us at Picto Design Studio!






Where do I get videos to promote my product?

Where do I get videos to promote my product?

Where do I get videos to promote my product? – a head-breaking question to all. If you are one of them, then certainly this blog is for you. Promotion videos can use in many places. Whether it is your business social media platform or marketing avenue or advertisement videos are the outspoken portion. Before starting to make a promotional video, there are a lot of things to consider.

#1. Why are you making this video?

It is the primary question that needs to be addressed at the time of discussing the video script. Always think from the view of the consumer. Meantime, launching the product in the competitive market and how it will be the best to beat the existing or more consumer using product needs to be expressed. All these central ideas need to be brief at the time of scriptwriting. In brief, while seeing this video, the purpose of theexplainer video needs to be crystal clear.

#2. Promoting a product:

Promoting a product video should carry an attraction, and it needs to impress both existing customers and new customers. For the newcomers, this video acts as the threshold and introductory part of your product or service. So, engaging the idea with current trends and often facing issues can easily register with their mind. The storytelling style is one of the popular methods to enclose all the above-mentioned points.

Promoting a product
Product promotion

#3. Promoting a product video with relevant examples:

As a newbie to video making, try to refer to as many references as you can. Try to pick the best format, visual, and type of the video. Having all these references is the best way to communicate your idea to the video maker or a particular 2d &3D animation design agency. Otherwise, getting an innovative and brand new character portrayal in 2D or 3D style is a wise option. If it is not possible, get some reference pieces used in previous works.

#4. Promoting a product with apt content:

promotional video comes with multiple insights. Picking the right one as per the business need is the crucial thing. The promotional video can express your company culture, a milestone of your achievement, launching a new product, wish and celebrating a special occasion on behalf of your company. So, there are such multiple magnitudes that are crazed in the making of the best promotional video. Moreover, it aptly sets with the landing page, social media, and other platforms with limited time boundaries.

production promotion video - picto
Promoting with apt content


#5.Focus on Quality:

Last but not least giving the best quality is an essential thing. Whether it is playing on the website or any other social media, clear streaming of video only gets its attention. Spending more time on video will offer the best result than making an instant video in a hurry. So, try to give enough time, then only the animation video should reflect the exact idea you wished to show on the screen.

I hope you find the general ideas on promotional video making. Whenever making the promotional video, try to check all these features. to ease your search and resolve the video-making complications get in touch with Picto design studio. To explore more videos, click here.



What is your review of Animated explainer Videos?

Animated explainer Video – Introduction

 Animated explainer videos are playing a vital role in the world of video marketing. Now we all are well-known about the marketing impact of an explainer video. So, when getting ready for the video making, what kind of video is to make? – A great confusion for many business people. Animation and live-action videos are the familiar video types nowadays used in the video marketing platform. Some businesspeople give importance to live-action videos. They thought more than the cartoon characters, real and live-human actions can gain more attention.

But explaining the concept to the actors, choosing the best shooting spot, costumes, and other back-end works are time-killing works. Unfortunately, the actor fails to give the perfect emotion to the video which will be good for nothing. Compare the overall cost of expense the animated explainer videos are the ever best choices. Multiple benefits are coming while using an animated video. The primary reason is it can easily convey the message as we planned. Whether you need the sad, serious, or funny tone all can be easy to create.

Animated explainer video-picto

It is the vital reason for the brands of Facebook, Pizza hut, and Google-like business tycoons using animated videos for their promotions. Why are they giving more preferences to these types of videos? While using social media platforms like YouTube, and Facebook, animated explainer videos gain more attention. Fortunately, once the video or its idea impresses the viewers, they immediately share it with others. So, the reach of the video is a massive one. These perky types get more impressions than the live-action videos. So, communicating an idea about a product, service, and its related demos which is simple and imaginatively is possible only with 2D and 3D animation videos.



  • Generally, an explainer video carrying some fundamental characteristic qualities as:
  • The maximum limit of an explainer video that needs not exceed more than two minutes is the golden rule. 
  • If it crosses this specific time duration, there is less chance that the viewers can skip the video.
  • While using the samples of characters, places, and objects all portray in the mode of animation video making is a convenient option. Besides, the creativity and posh colors are the pluses.
Animated explainer video
Explainer video-Picto
  • Apart from the videos, many things can connect people with other secondary elements. Like information, expressions, the emotion of the character, voice-over, background music, etc.
  • Comparing to the text passage the explainer videos are always pleasing the viewers. Representing business ideas and concepts is a much easier one.
  • Now marketing has no boundary. Social media promotion to introducing a new brand and explaining the business idea to the investors all these processes can complete with this simple explainer video making.

 Still, are you searching for the best 2D and 3D animation agencies? Just see their video works and analyze how they simplified the business concept into an engaging video. Before calculating the overall cost, the quality usage of animation, time duration, the script works, concepts, and voice all need to be effective without any compromise. Try to check it before. To ease your work, I attached the best reference. To know them just click here.




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