2D & 3D Animated Training Video Production

Employee engagement is one of the major challenges faced by businesses around the world. And that is why it makes sense that companies invest a huge portion of their revenue in training the employees. Educating their employees helps them to keep updated with the latest trends. Well-trained employees function as the most optimized workforce that is crucial for the success of every business, day-in, and day-out.

Classic face-to-face seminars do not appear effective at achieving the attention of the audience for long. Your employees might get saturated and sour-faced with subjects that might be out of context, even though important. So how do you get their involvement? None other than animated videos encourage e-learning by combining facts with fun by both educating and engaging.

Animated videos combine visual and auditory stimulation which appear as affective and cognitive. Animations are affective – they attract, capture, and motivate viewers because motion grabs attention. Animations are cognitive – they facilitate learning because they provide more variety than static graphics. Training videos have the unprecedented potential to help a learner develop a precise mental prototype of a system’s behavior compared to graphics alone.

Moreover, animated videos serve the purpose with more affordable and efficient. Above all explainer videos easily customizable and fine-tuned to suit your employees’ understanding.

Why Animated Training Videos?

A Hubspot study reveals the video effectiveness for business development as follows:

  • 97% of marketers say training videos helped increase user understanding of their products and service.
  • 76% say it helped them increase sales.
  • 47% say it helped them reduce support queries.
  • 76% say it helped them increase traffic.
  • 80% of marketers say training videos increased dwell time on their website.

Ten ways you can benefit by using animated training videos to train your employees:

  1. Explaining a dynamic process
  2. Visualizing things that are hidden to the naked eye
  3. Simulating a system
  4. Making abstract concepts more concrete
  5. Visualizing quantitative data
  6. Improving the spatial abilities of the viewer
  7. Depicting hosts and agents that explain
  8. Telling a story
  9. Creating a learning game
  10. Constructing knowledge in analytical concepts.

Why PictoDesign Studio for Animation Training Videos?

When animations fail to benefit learning, it is often due to poor design or presentation to the wrong audience. At , our experts use cutting-edge technologies and strategies to make effective animations at a reasonable cost. We use formats that are viable for instruction.

We make training videos by piecing together the data on its effectiveness for learning with a customized set of design principles to back up the instruction that you need to communicate. In conclusion, PictoDesign animations empower your internal communication and training for a better ROI!

2D & 3D Animation Commercial Video Production

Content is an amazing art of storytelling. Be it your products or services, or your customer’s or user agreements or even compliance changes, a crafted content shares a message in a unique way. What more unique way can there be, other than Animation?

Animation has the incredible ability to make your story compelling, persuasive, and convincing to your audience, urging their immediate action. As a matter of fact, animated videos regarded as the best way to optimize your CTA (Call-To-Action) almost instantly.

Why Animation videos are the best form of content consumption?

Here are a few reasons from a HubSpot study that shows, why animated video is better than any other form of content:

  • 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and these visuals possessing the processing 60,000X faster in the brain than text.
  • People will respond 40% better to visual information than plain text.
  • Posts with videos attract 3 times more inbound links than plain text posts.
  • Over 60 hours of videos are uploaded each minute on YouTube.com.
  • 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter every minute.
  • Viewers spend 100% more time on pages with videos on them.
  • Mobile video viewing increased by 35% from 2010 to 2011.
  • 25 million smartphone users stream 4 hours of mobile video per month.
  • 75% of smartphone users watch videos on their phones, 26% of whom use video at least once a day.

Six key benefits of using Animation videos :

  1. You can bring any concept to life
  2. Establishes a context to your ideas
  3. Strikes the audience with the right tone
  4. Empowers visually by representing abstract ideas
  5. Offers easily manageable video production
  6. Slices out the digital noise

Why PictoDesign Studio for animation videos?

Crafting your content with the precise compelling, persuasive, and convincing to your audience definitely begins with animation – a fine means of achieving “eyes”. But the animation is only as good as its execution. Think about it. You might have a powerful story, but presenting it poorly will not going to help your audience make decisions.

Our animated videos are rich and engaging. We utilize concepts in a cost-effective approach. Explainer videos are easily manageable and make your key points pop. Creative animations offer all the benefits of animated content with comparatively fewer resource requirements than you might expect. Let PictoDesign Studio help you in creating killer videos destined for encore success!

2D & 3D Animated Whiteboard Video Production

Whiteboard videos are the most popular versions of explainer videos. People prefer these videos due to the potential of this type of video to present complex information in an interesting manner. In other words, be it your complex technology or business ideas these videos, simplify the process of explaining by depicting hand-drawn images on a white background. These videos regarded as an effective platform to translate complex ideas into an interesting and intuitive session. In addition, whiteboard videos create a perfect background for your business idea, enabling effective communication in order to gain conversions.

This type of animated videos express ideas with the simplicity that is not possible in other forms of content. Therefore the concept is very simple as it utilizes the typical classroom scenario where markers are used to portray ideas on a whiteboard.

Why Animated Whiteboard Videos?

A research study shows the impact of Whiteboard videos and the highlights of the results are given below:

  • Videos increase problem-solving by 75%
  • There’s an average 15% increase in remembering information compared to ordinary talking head videos.
  • 80% of viewers will watch a video and have a positive response
  • Whiteboard videos are an ideal way to get across a difficult subject that might be boring using more conventional media.
  • The word ‘video’ in an email subject line increases the open rates by 20%, click-through rates (CTR) by almost 65% and reduces unsubscribes by 26% (Source: Syndacast).

Five key benefits of using Whiteboard videos for your business

  1. Builds a positive brand image
  2. Promotes website simplicity by clearing the extra clutter from complex contents
  3. Enhances video-sharing potential
  4. Easily updatable
  5. Offers diverse uses and limitless opportunities

Why PictoDesign Studio for Whiteboard videos?

At PictoDesign, we create awesome whiteboard videos for your business. Our videos serve as great marketing tools, perfect for explaining your products and services in a quick and engaging way. However, we always ensure all our videos designed to serve the need in a simple, short, and flexible. Above all our videos are attention-grabbing to increase traffic to your website.

Instead of using hand-drawn pictures in real-time, we complete the process digitally by animating the images using advanced tools, followed by scripting and recording narration. Our videos are crisp, solid, to the core, and professional. To sum up, PictoDesign creates out-of-the-box whiteboard videos that hold a spontaneous style, which truly makes an effective whiteboard explainer video for your business!

2D & 3D ICO Animation Explainer Video Production

What is an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)?

An Initial Coin Offering, also generally called an ICO, is innovative fundraising or capital raising mechanism. The investors sell their crypto-token in exchange for Ethereum, Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies. ICO bitcoin is more or less similar to an Initial Public Offering (IPO), in which investors buy a company’s shares.

At this instant, ICO has quickly turned out as a high-trending topic of discussion within the Blockchain community. The key advantage of ICO that ranks first is the retainment of control mechanisms without sharing one’s company with any investor. Secondly, ICO permits immediate fundraising without having to knock at an investor’s door and no or less bureaucracy, which puts any startup as first-mover in the market.

Why ICO Animated Explainer Videos?

  • Of course, there is no denying the fact that ICO termed as a complex subject. ICO demands the explanation of its benefits, technology, application, and investment in ICO can increase in value over time. However, an animation explainer video for ICO Bitcoin describes the core ICO concepts to the potential customers in less than 3 minutes or so. Besides, everything the key is to make your investors feel as if they hold the possession of a token or coin. That’s amazing, right?
  • According to the icodata.io website, total funds raised in 2018, alone account for $7,723,025,063, and it stands at 1252. These are compelling stats and numbers for any entrepreneur to venture into this high-growth space.
  • A quick research online states that most successful ICO companies grabbed the full potential of animated explainer videos by optimizing their promotional efforts.
  • Because ICO Bitcoin gains more trust from potential investors, it becomes important that they should invest in the idea first. For this reason, explainer videos at best create the much-needed engagement, infotainment, and learning of ICO besides building your brand. In conclusion, it instills confidence in the minds of the investors right at the start.
  • In other words, ICO is a disruptive platform shaking up the investment world, unlocking unforeseen opportunities, and positive challenges in the coming years. With an extraordinary growth potential and with unlimited launchings happening almost every day, ICO stays its position. Therefore, explainer videos can mandate the decision of investing in ICOs by simplifying the overall message.

Why Picto Design Studio for ICO Animation Explainer Videos?

No other animated video production agency can understand the business game of ICO better than Picto Design Studios. We always stay above the rest in tailoring a powerful script, choosing the style of voice-over, creating an artistic storyboard, and style frames. Our customized illustrations, coupled with complete sound effects and background music, support you going within the schedule plan.

Picto Design Studios, based in the US and India, helping over numerous clients. We choose the right video style on balance based on your demands without going too overboard with the graphics. We have completed several ICO-based Animated Explainer Videos with the most compelling evidence satisfying our clients.

Our objective is to make the video itself do the talking about the project at every possible event, where whitepapers and websites literally can’t. Furthermore, if you search for a successful means to raise funds during your ICO sale? No worries, you are in safe experienced hands.

Blockchain Videos Production – Picto Design Video

Cryptocurrency or blockchain started its journey from 2008, but numerous people are unaware of it, or they appear new to them. Only bank professionals and economists are well aware of the blockchain concept. People who tend to use the blockchain might struggle due to the confusing layout. In order to explain the concept clearly with the supporting elements, blockchain videos serve as the best marketing tool.

Blockchain videos resolve the learning difficulties and deliver the subject filled with more engaging content that interestingly educates the consumer. These videos assist in a better comprehension of the complicated concepts.

Why Animated Blockchain videos?

Statistics that show video as an optimal tool for blockchain companies

  • 65% audience falls under the visual learning category, 30% under audio learning, and the remaining 5% in kinaesthetic.
  • 80% audience keep in mind about the video watched last month.
  • 70% of users prefer to view video rather than reading text content.
  • Based on the overall purchasing statistics, 98% watch product video before purchase, and 77% finally purchase the product.
  • 52% of audiences on social media platforms prefer watching advertisements than in televisions.

Benefits of Explainer videos for blockchain business

Let’s dive into the key benefits of preparing blockchain animation videos.

  • Increases landing page conversions
  • Promotes your business in social media platforms
  • It offers greater flexibility in explaining complicated concepts.
  • Better branding of the business
  • It supports the holistic customization of the video based on client requirements.
  • It encourages the learning spirit of the audience with a simple structure.
  • Increases your revenue
  • Increases your ranking higher in search engines

Why PictoDesign Studio for Blockchain Video Animation?

Pictodesign composed of creative experts team who prepare impressive explainer videos drives the customer’s attention that improves business development. We strongly believe that our core values of dependability, timely delivery of projects, and customer satisfaction assist us to serve better to various clients across the globe. We consistently deliver our outcomes coupled with complete professionalism and satisfy your demands. Our expert’s team first evaluate the project requirements and offer you a solution that matches the project appropriately.
Planning to get on board, then why do you wait? We are ready to collaborate with business people and entrepreneurs to produce innovative videos that raise the market value of the business in the competitive world.

2D & 3D Animated Explainer Video Production

Explainer videos considered as a brand ambassador to promote your business products and services. Your business concepts get simplified, enabling an easy understanding of your viewers. Animated videos find the best position as a landing page video or product demo video to reach the audience, for this reason, the majority of the business prefers to use them as conversion videos. However, our videos create improved lead conversions that increase sales.

In brief, animated videos first address a problem, second suggests the right solution, its benefits, and how the solution works for your viewers. In other words, explainer videos grab the attention of the target audience within a minute. Thus these videos ultimately educate the viewers stating the business value and urge them to take the next action.

Why Animated Explainer Videos?

An international study on the use of explainer videos, on the whole, concludes the following:
• Viewers prefer to watch videos rather than reading texts to find information that falls more in the age group below 30 years exhibit a positive attitude towards video consumption.
Generally speaking, based on preferences and behavior, 2 out of 3 segments attract to animated videos. Thereupon the recent evaluation states that animated videos preferred from 67 % (Color, US) to 84 % (Mysimpleshow, GER).

• Usually, customers possessing a low knowledge level exhibited a quick improvement in acquiring the information through video.

Ten key benefits of using explainer videos for your business :

  1. Increases conversion.
  2. Triggers interest in your products and services.
  3. Clarifies the purpose of your business.
  4. Raises web traffic.
  5. Better search engine rankings.
  6. Grab the viewer’s attention.
  7. Make your brand memorable.
  8. Escalates social media shares.
  9. Builds a voice and personality to your brand.
  10. Empowers your sales pitch.

Why PictoDesign Studio for Animation Explainer Videos?

PictoDesign highly values the importance of marketing your brand, product, and services. With the attention to your project, we communicate with your team and works hand-in-hand with you to brainstorm unique ideas. Our skilled professionals craft your ideas with the blend of the current trend to design a customized marketing strategy. Moreover, explainer videos display a perfect harmony between creativity and strategy, as our work is visible throughout the project journey.

Therefore, we exhibit our creativity to mold the video, and by the way, we grab the vision of the viewer through a fun-filled approach. We emphasize a unique strategy, ensuring that your message gets delivered accurately to the viewers. In essence, Picto Design Studio creates an animation that twitches the eyes of your target audience.

2D & 3D Animated Educational Video Production

Educational videos serve as a platform to position your business as an expert in your industry. They provide a better means of educating your ideal customers about the worth of your knowledge and how it is pivotal in addressing their challenges.
Incorporating educational videos is a diverse process that helps you communicate your knowledge in interesting ways. In particular, it can be anything, from your day at work, an FAQ session, or explaining how an idea was born, or it could be a walkthrough to the market trends in your field. The possibilities are endless. Thus, you can also turn your regular blog posts into interesting videos to gain the attention of your target group. Surprisingly, educational videos are a great way to fill up your sales pipeline with quality leads always.

Why Animated Educational Videos?

According to statistics, the role of educational videos on the social media platform that is presented as follows:
1 million learning video shared every day on YouTube
7 in 10 YouTube viewers use the platform for help when they encounter problems with their work, studies, or hobbies.

50+% of learning videos get uploaded outside the U.S
There are 500M views of learning-related content on YouTube every day
Notably, an increasing number of learning-related videos viewed on YouTube than books in the library of Congress
Six key benefits of using Educational videos :

  1. Generates awareness and builds trust
  2. Best engagement tool on social media
  3. Optimizes your content marketing efforts
  4. Improves search engine rankings
  5. Boosts social media engagement
  6. Builds a face and personality to your business name

Why PictoDesign Studio for Educational Videos?

Regardless you are a start-up or an established business in your sector, we help you create outstanding educational videos to take you to the next level. At PictoDesign we create educational videos that are useful and informative. Our framework allows us to customize your content for your target audience. Our team will consistently connect with your experts to frame the proper story. To put it differently be it rocket science or rock music, whatever your pitch is we are here to deliver what you need to connect with your viewers. In summary, PictoDesign makes exceptional educational videos for your business that unlocks views, likes, shares, and traffic to your website.

2D & 3D Animated product video production

Product videos are a popular means of video marketing used by countless successful businesses today. Numerous reasons including increased engagement, memorable, popular, and even contagious among consumers than any other form of content.

Product videos are instrumental in attracting visitors to your site and educating them about the product features and benefits. If you want to have huge returns in terms of more viewers, leads, and, of course, revenue – Product Videos are your best bet.

Why Animated Product Videos?

The impact of product videos engages the audience analyzed by Cisco Visual Networking Index Forecast and Trends for 2017 – 2022, notably listed out as follows:

    • Globally, IP video traffic ranks 82 percent of both business and consumer traffic by 2022, up from 75 percent in 2017.
    • Global IP video traffic will grow four-fold from 2017 to 2022, a CAGR of 29 percent.
    • Internet video traffic will grow fourfold from 2017 to 2022, a CAGR of 33 percent.
    • Internet video surveillance traffic will increase sevenfold from 2017 to 2022.
    • In general, 3 percent of all internet video traffic clusters to video surveillance by 2022, up from 2 percent in 2017.
    • Internet video to TV will increase threefold from 2017 to 2022.
    • Internet video to TV will be 27 percent of fixed consumer internet video traffic by 2022.
    • Consumer Video-on-Demand(VoD) traffic will nearly double by 2022.

Six ways product videos can help your business :

        1. Videos boost your conversion rate.
        2. Product Videos are powerful add-ons to your e-mail marketing campaigns.
        3. They optimize your online visibility and increase opportunities.
        4. Search engines prioritize videos.
        5. Videos build trust and credibility.
        6. Videos encourage social shares.

Why PictoDesign Studio for Animation Product videos?

According to research, the average user spends about 10-20 seconds on a site if there nothing worth their time. Thus, the first ten seconds designed to influence and impress the viewer to stay until the end of the video to communicate your value proposition. At PictoDesign, we go every extra mile to create a killer video that has the unwavering potential to attract the viewer’s attention.

 Consequently, our designers work closely with you to make short and crisp videos that make you stand out from the market clutter. We portray the distinct advantage or unique product or service that you have. After all, our videos tend to be informative and engaging to the viewers when they hardly find time to delve deeper into your business. In short, our product videos will have it all. To sum up, PictoDesign Product Videos do the talking for you!


Live Action Video Production

Live-Action videos serve as an effective sales and marketing medium. Every year more and more companies continue to include live video streaming as part of their marketing agenda. The main reason for making live videos is to engage viewers, meanwhile educating them on the valuables of your brand. Videos are easy to understand and are preferred by those who don’t find the time to research your products and services.

Live-action videos have the potential to increase conversions and generate sales when used wisely. Viewers prefer live video content as it delivers the right message in the right manner, which quickly triggers conversions.

You can preserve your target group with well-informed videos, which in turn prompts them to visit and revisit your videos often. This process regulates traffic to your website, boosts rankings, and ultimately increases conversions plus sales.

Why Live Action Videos?

Accordingly, a study conducted to analyze the performance of Live Videos specifies the following highlights:

• More than 81% of Internet and mobile audiences choose live video in 2016 comparatively high than in 2015.

• Breaking news makes up 56% of most-watched live content, with conferences and speakers tied with concerts and festivals in second place at 43%.

• People get bored in reading a blog that makes them prefer such content for about 80%, and also social media posts grab the attention of 82% audience.

• Live video consumers opt to buy a ticket to a concert for about 67%, and about 5% of viewers would pay for a live exclusive on-demand video from a favorite team, speaker, or performer.

Three key benefits of using Live Action videos for your business

• Conveys authentic information about the product with an instructive tone.

• Creates an emotional bond with the viewer supporting business development.

• Reach your target audience quickly and relatable by live-action video to satisfy your demand.

Why PictoDesign Studio for Live Action videos?

The goal of your video points out your brand with a determined style and theme of your video. Creating a live-action video for your online audience certainly differs from making content for television. Hence this is a reason why businesses approach video producers to design stunning animations.

We at PictoDesign work together with our video producer to develop a clear storyline with your ideas. Streamlined ideas emphasize video communication with the right message about your brand. Let us create unique live-action videos connecting your audience instantly. Furthermore, it helps your business to showcase the products within a quick timeline.

2D & 3D Animated Corporate Video Production

This is not 1952 when Colonel Sanders started KFC from scratch and built a global fried chicken empire. Today, every business from every corner of the world deserves a global presence once when they kick-start a business idea. With such opportunities, almost a fraction of the budget taken in the past induces boon of the technological disruption happening. Making a clear say of the business through a corporate video gives the global push to it.

Why Animated Corporate videos?

Corporate videos are non-advertising in nature, reaching the core customer populace or in-house employees with better business communication. Though corporate videos educate the customers, aid retention, and augment customer experience, fortifying the cognition of the business midst of employees. Corporate videos range from brand films, product videos, business proposals, customer testimonials, and the list expands until creativity dries out.

Publishing corporate video, shared in social media platforms, and integrating into e-mail marketing pre-empts client queries before they approach you. Corporate video adds to rapport building, maximize the conversion rates, and gives your brand the much needed global presence. Marketing campaigns with corporate video production perform great, whatever the business challenge exists. Globally, even mid-sized businesses bring out as much as 18 videos per month, with increased consumer following and brand loyalty, as a result.

The trend picks up with a convincing 82 percent of businesses grouping under corporate video marketing already, planning to hike their video marketing expenditure into ‘x’ times. Moreover, videos are more engaging and loved by search engines that they pick them before any static content. Largely, videos enjoy 12x more shares than an image- and text-based content.

Why PictoDesign Studio for Animation Corporate Videos?

PictoDesign Studio is a connoisseur in corporate video production with high comprehension of the marketing goals, budget, and deadlines of its clients. Optimized production time and clear presentation of complex concepts are the primary goals of PictoDesign Studio. We create and develop videos of every kind from product stories, videos for recruitment, social promotions, corporate training, just to name a few.
‘Commitment to delivering value’ is PictoDesign’s tagline that goes without a tag always.

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