5 Things to know before choosing animated video production company

Things to consider before choosing an animation company

1. Video Quality

After all, this why you are searching for an animated video production company. Right? Look at their portfolio. See for yourself the quality of the videos they produce. While determining the quality look at the detailing of the graphics and flow of the animation in the video. Don’t worry if the sample videos are from your industry or not. If they can create high-quality video for other businesses, they can do for you too. Key here is to notice the quality before contacting them to get a price.

2. Ensure a smooth production process

Check if their production process is well chalked out? They should not only have clearly defined production stages but at each stage, they should be getting feedback from you. This ensures that the production process is smooth for you and for them too. After all, nobody wants to be in the dark about what is being produced, and then get a shock of the lifetime looking at the end result.

Apart from the above two points, there are three more factors that you should consider before selecting an animation video production company.

3. Look out for a dedicated project manager

Artists are artists. They are creative people who worry about presenting the idea in the most exciting way on screen. They don’t like to get bothered by dry business data, facts and complex technical knowledge that as a client you might want to convey in the video. So what is the best way to make everything understandable for the artists without clouding their creativity? Get a bridge in between you and the artists in the form of the project manager. A video project manager is trained in talking both business languages and the creative language hence ensuring that there is no communication gap and still everybody is able to speak their mind. This will result in a far better experience and a much better video.

the time you want. The ideal turnaround time for the response should not be more than 24 hours. This will make the production process faster and will ensure that all stages are finished on time.

4. Fast communication

Now, you cannot expect the whole team to be available 24/7 on call for you. But there should be at least one person available on call/skype/email with whom you can communicate and you have decided to get an animated video for your business. Great decision But, that was the easy part. Because the next step is going to be absolutely critical in deciding whether you end up with a subpar video with a poor experience, or you get a top quality video that serves its purpose along with delightful production experience.

Here you go! You already have two points to consider before selecting a video production company that is right for you.

5. All under one roof

Producing a video involved a lot of steps. Scripting, Voiceover, Storyboarding, Music, SFX, VFX, Graphics, Animation, the list goes on. The process could be messy if you have to get different things from different vendors. Ideally, the video production company should be providing the script to animation and everything in between all under one roof. This will not only make the management of the project much easier for you, but also the quality will be of the highest order.

So, that’s it. These are the top 5 things you should consider before hiring a video production company. At Picto Design Studio, we not only offer all these features in one place but much more. Contact us to know more about how our experts at Picto Design Studio can help you get a winner video for your product, service, business or brand.


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