How to craft the best animated corporate videos that replicate branding

Best animated corporate video, a necessity?

Video is quickly becoming one of the most powerful marketing mediums for organizations of all sizes and industries. Consumers are consistently demanding more video content when it comes to product education and brand information. Having the best animated corporate video is becoming essential.

Branded video production company

You might be worried about choosing between an animated video and live-action corporate video. If you need a video, an animation business video is a wise choice.

An Animated video,

  • can deliver higher engagement
  • is attention-grabbing
  • is perfect to have complex topics more entertaining and flexible
  • speaks better to the human brain than text
  • can be found, viewed and shared anywhere
  • improves your brand identity.

Curious to learn more about what a best animated corporate video can do?

Animated corporate video is short. It’s clear, and it’s all a person needs to see to become familiar with your brand. It’s something you definitely must have on your own.

According to Joshua Foer, a freelance journalist

Here is what a best animated corporate video can do for your business. 

Take an example by getting into the shoes of your audience. You landed on a company’s website to gather information about the company.

Quickly scroll down their about us page to see their corporate history summed up to somewhere around 500 words.

What if their website has an animated corporate video? That tells you all that you need to know about their business in a minute or two.

Not only will learn about the company but also will have a clear picture of their product/service in your mind.

You will also be able to recall their brand, later. And so is your customer.

Your audience will be able to connect with what you have to say. This will make them interested in finding what solution you can offer them.

How to initiate an animated business video production process?


It is always important to not end up showing the boring list of what your company’s vision and mission is.

Instead, you can show the actual impact that your business can create in our target audience.

There are a few factors to be noted and identified before corporate video production. As they can enhance your corporate video ideas.

Target Audience

Identifying your target audience and knowing what they want is very essential before initiating the animated video production process.

So how do you find out what your target audience wants so you can better market to them and serve value?


One of the easiest ways to find out what your customer wants is to survey them.

It is best to start surveying people who joined your email list.

Ask them why they joined your email list and how your business can help them overcome their hurdle.

Talk to them​

If you would want to know in-depth feedback and suggestions from your audience, try talking to them.

Have a short call so you will get to ask several questions, where their responses can enlighten your corporate video ideas.

Connect with them on social media​

Use your social media page and connect with your target audience.

Try participating in public conversations and chats with your audience. Ask them questions or simply make a note of the questions they raise in groups.

Video Purpose

With the gathered insights from customers, identify and define the purpose of creating the video.

  • Analyse the information to locate the issues faced by your target audience
  • List the existing solutions in the market and their solution gap
  • Propose your solution
  • Brief how your audience will be benefited with your solution
  • Call to action.

Knowing the publishing platform

You should be clear about where you want to publish your video.

Understanding the platform where you plan to share the video will help you decide the right format.
Also the dimension for the same.

The platform must allow you to build email lists. Also, keeping the traffic on your website, cross-promote different types of content, analyze video engagement, and so on.

Video Duration

How long can the best animated corporate video can be?

People are looking for something where they can get the crisp of the information in a short time.

People tend to skip a video that is 4 or 5 minutes long. You want your customers to watch the entire video without skipping.

If your video is really long and people do skip it without watching, your information will remain unconnected.

As the call for action in most of the videos come in the trailing part.

Chances are that your target audience will not engage with your brand.

Experts opine it is best to have 60 seconds to 120 seconds long video.

It might seem too short but remember an animated corporate video is a teaser of your brand. Wanting the viewers to ask for more is always a great idea.

Type of video

Business videos can be produced in two types. They are 2D and 3D animated corporate videos.

  • 3D is more realistic and popular than 2d animation
  • 2D with good design and animation also attract the people

Knowing what the type of video chosen to be created can do is an add on.

How to animate corporate videos?

Creating the perfect animation video can sound like a challenging task. But it is possible to make the best animated corporate video by knowing the process of corporate video production.

Engaging Script

The script is the spine of your video. Having a script that your target audience can relate with is very essential.

Branded content video production

For a minute video, it is recommended speaking 150 words. Above all, remember to tell a story. Stories are relatable, powerful and engaging. Also, they help convert the customer.


Once the script is ready, the next step is to visualize the script from beginning to end.


The created script and visuals are given a pencil sketch. This gives an outline of the scenes to be present in the video.

Product storyboard example

It is important to have continuity in the script and as well in the visual. With less continuity, your videos will look detached.

You can use the online storyboard tools or just maintain your own concise format in a word document.

Music and Voiceover

To have the essence of the video conveyed in an appropriate way background score and voice over is a necessity.

The wrong tone of voice or a gaudy audio can frazzle even a killer script.

The right tone and music enhance the way the story reaches your customer.


The majority of animated videos follow two common styles or even a combination of these in a few cases.

Having an understanding about the video style to be followed in animated video production. Would be easier to make choices and animate.

Animated explainer videos

Animated videos are done by sequencing consecutive images or frames.

Animated explainer video tutorial

That simulate motion by each image showing the next in a gradual progression of steps, similar to traditional animation.

Animation videos do not limit the creativity in having character illustrations and style elements.

Whiteboard explainer videos

Whiteboard video signifies characters and objects being created in front of a viewer on a plain white board.

Custom whiteboard animation video

Mostly, the video will be created using a hand explaining the story in the whiteboard.

This immediately draws user attention and remains in their memory for a longer duration.

Where can I get the best animated corporate video crafted?

Hire an In-house team

Be it a 2D or a 3D animated corporate video, the animated business video production process is not a single step.

You need to hire a team of scriptwriters, animators and voice-over artists.

Then you will have to provide access to the necessary equipment and software. This may be a one time purchase and can cost you like anything for once.

Having an in-house team will suit you only when you are going to produce a series of animation videos.

On your own

It is not recommended to create a corporate animated video yourself unless you are a professional animator.

The other way to get it created is to use online tools.

Powtoon, Wideo, Animaker, Biteable, Moovly and Mysimpleshow are a few best explainer video software.

These software come up with ready to animate components.

But these predefined elements in your animated business video do not replicate the uniqueness of your brand.

Then the video can be unworthy of making it.

Hire a production house

When you are not a professional, it is better to hire a corporate video production house.

Talk to them to know how best they could fit you. Probe in to understand their production process.

Take a look at their portfolio. When they are professional experts, the team’s capability can be seen in the quality of videos they produce.

Picto Design Studio, we are one of the best animated corporate video production houses.

A sneak peeks to our work hosted on Vimeo platform will help you know us better.

Liked our work, write us your queries and ideas of your to be corporate video at [email protected].

We will work together to craft the best one!


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