Terms of Usage

Our dedicated team always establish and preserve a genuine business association with the client on a long term basis abiding terms of use.

We always deliver creative animations that convey your message dramatically, targeting your customers. We assure you with holistic trust coupled with flexibility and personal care of your deliverables throughout the video production process. Please check out the terms and conditions of Picto Design Studio to preserve a warm business relationship with us.


The charges cover all the associated charges specified in the quotation. We don’t include other additional supplier charges.

Order Placement

When you like to prepare a video for you, then we would suggest you check our package charges. You can select the package depending on the video duration. When you agree with our package, then you should provide your business information to specify in the video.
Once when you carry out the payment, then we initiate our works towards the successful completion of the project.

Payment procedure

We advise you to check our different animation packages before you place an order. Once if you decide to offer the project to us, we request you to make half of the payment price before placing the order, which adheres to our policy. Upon the completion of the product, we request you to pay the remaining charges to complete the order processing with the final product.

Project duration and completion of the task

We stick to a standard of taking a duration of four to five weeks to complete the animation, regardless of the organization domain and size. However, due to natural calamities, your order may experience a bit delay due to unexpected circumstances, or otherwise, we deliver our outcomes within the time limit specified by us.

Order Cancellation

If you want to cancel your order, then we request our valuable clients to send an official cancellation order through an email within fifteen days of your order placement. When we receive your cancellation request, we will halt our task associated with the project immediately by informing the client.

Quality of work

If you have any corrections or complaints regarding the final animation, then you should inform us within seven days of the receipt of the video. If you fail to intimate us within the specified period, then we would consider this as an accepted work. We kindly request you to check all the illustrations, artwork, text, and technical drawings carried out in the animation before you finalize the video outcome.


Our company reserves the right to hold the client information with the utmost confidentiality. We also request you to take note that this does not state the relationship with the client and company. We assure you that you are not supposed to stake with our company.

Unethical usage

All the animation videos prepared by our company for trusted clients. Therefore the usage of the video for commercial or marketing purposes by any third party is subjected to law actions. Our trusted clients preserve the holistic ownership of the video prepared by us.


Our company operates under the rules and regulations established by the government. We do strictly follow all rules in transaction methodologies, services to the client, delivering the product, and company policies. Violating or neglecting these laws retain us to prosecuted in the court law.

The right to revise the information

The information specified in our website subject to change in the near or far future. Picto Design Studio reserves the right to alter any kind of clauses stated in terms and conditions. We request our clients to check our terms of usage when you intend to place an order.

We request you to go through the terms of usage completely before making use of the service. If you sense unambiguous in any information, please feel free to contact us. We don’t hold the responsibility for client service variations resulting due to the lack of comprehension of the client.

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