2D & 3D ICO Animation Explainer Video Production

January 12, 2020

What is an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)?

An Initial Coin Offering, also generally called an ICO, is innovative fundraising or capital raising mechanism. The investors sell their crypto-token in exchange for Ethereum, Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies. ICO bitcoin is more or less similar to an Initial Public Offering (IPO), in which investors buy a company’s shares.

At this instant, ICO has quickly turned out as a high-trending topic of discussion within the Blockchain community. The key advantage of ICO that ranks first is the retainment of control mechanisms without sharing one’s company with any investor. Secondly, ICO permits immediate fundraising without having to knock at an investor’s door and no or less bureaucracy, which puts any startup as first-mover in the market.

Why ICO Animated Explainer Videos?

  • Of course, there is no denying the fact that ICO termed as a complex subject. ICO demands the explanation of its benefits, technology, application, and investment in ICO can increase in value over time. However, an animation explainer video for ICO Bitcoin describes the core ICO concepts to the potential customers in less than 3 minutes or so. Besides, everything the key is to make your investors feel as if they hold the possession of a token or coin. That’s amazing, right?
  • According to the icodata.io website, total funds raised in 2018, alone account for $7,723,025,063, and it stands at 1252. These are compelling stats and numbers for any entrepreneur to venture into this high-growth space.
  • A quick research online states that most successful ICO companies grabbed the full potential of animated explainer videos by optimizing their promotional efforts.
  • Because ICO Bitcoin gains more trust from potential investors, it becomes important that they should invest in the idea first. For this reason, explainer videos at best create the much-needed engagement, infotainment, and learning of ICO besides building your brand. In conclusion, it instills confidence in the minds of the investors right at the start.
  • In other words, ICO is a disruptive platform shaking up the investment world, unlocking unforeseen opportunities, and positive challenges in the coming years. With an extraordinary growth potential and with unlimited launchings happening almost every day, ICO stays its position. Therefore, explainer videos can mandate the decision of investing in ICOs by simplifying the overall message.

Why Picto Design Studio for ICO Animation Explainer Videos?

No other animated video production agency can understand the business game of ICO better than Picto Design Studios. We always stay above the rest in tailoring a powerful script, choosing the style of voice-over, creating an artistic storyboard, and style frames. Our customized illustrations, coupled with complete sound effects and background music, support you going within the schedule plan.

Picto Design Studios, based in the US and India, helping over numerous clients. We choose the right video style on balance based on your demands without going too overboard with the graphics. We have completed several ICO-based Animated Explainer Videos with the most compelling evidence satisfying our clients.

Our objective is to make the video itself do the talking about the project at every possible event, where whitepapers and websites literally can’t. Furthermore, if you search for a successful means to raise funds during your ICO sale? No worries, you are in safe experienced hands.

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