Animation video script

The scripting

Communication is the best tool to understand people. We use that tool in the name of Questionnaire to hear all of what our clients have to say about them, their product and their upcoming video. Once the questionnaire is filled, our team dives in to come up with the perfect script to match the product depending on your requirements. The script is the Small description of the product. The scripting is also considered to be the flow and voice over for the video.

Voice over recording

The Scripting has to finalized by our client for errors and faults and once we overcome that part, we jump into the voice over part. These details are given by the client and all their needs are fulfilled here from who, what and how to record the voice over. This serves as the base for the Animation to come alive. From adding music to giving different modulation, Voice over recording is one of the crucial part in our process.

Explainer video voiceover
Illustration and Animation Storyboard

Storyboard and Illustrations

With the Script in our hand, our team gets their hands ready to work on the story board. A story board is a form of representation which depicts how the actual Explainer video will come out. It contains the visuals of the scene and also the description of how the scene will be portrayed. The visuals are done in pencil sketches which also help illustrators with the doubts they might have while creating illustrations. Once these storyboards are approved, our skilled illustrators work their magic to create the picture perfect 2D illustrations to serve as the platform for animation. These illustration styles are independent and highly creative which steals the show.


The most fun and engaging part takes place here. Our animators are unearthly thinkers. The Still illustrations are sculpted here to bring the characters to life. This platform is the place where the script, Voice over, storyboard and Illustrations come together to form the amazing bond called the Explainer video. The illustrations from the designers and the voice over from the recorders are fused together correctly and the magic is created here.

Animation video

Final video

Before handing it to the client the animated video is sent to the client to get their final approval on the video and once the Green flag is shown the eagerly awaited video is released and handed over to the client for their full satisfaction. The final video contains all the details needed for the product’s establishment. From the resources provided our teams work hard to deliver the most important video for any product or service, The explainer video. The wait will always be worth it.

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