Why getting a sales video is better than hiring a salesman

Giving the credit where credit is due, throughout the history salespeople has been an invaluable asset for the companies. They are the ones who have pushed the boundaries and opened new avenues to concur.sales video

This is blog post is not about replacing a salesman, but it is about how the technology and the world of the internet can be an ideal companion to your SalesPeople. How with the power of video you can make the life easier for your sales personnel and reduce their workload so much that one salesperson starts to do work of 10 salespeople, without you having to hire and train new salespeople every quarter.

So coming back to the topic, let us first establish how a sales video can reduce the efforts of your Salesman.

A typical sales video consists of following sections

  1. Description of the problems being faced by the targeted audience
  2. Introduction of the product, service or brand
  3. How they solve these problems
  4. Additional benefits
  5. A clear call for action that the viewer could take after watching the video.

Think for a moment. Isn’t this a sequence that all salesmen in the world have been following since the time immemorial.

Problem with this approach, i.e., when a Salesperson is explaining these pointers to the customers is that they have to do this repeatedly, day after day for each of their customers. And by the time a customer is ready to move forward, they might not be left with enough energy to convert them at the time of decision making.

This is where a sales video becomes extremely critical. It explains all these points and is available on your website, youtube, and laptop to do the opening talking for you. After that, once the customer takes the call for action, your salesperson can then focus on doing what they do best, that is converting leads into customers.

Getting a sales video is like hiring a 24/7 salesman so that your salesmen can do more important work.


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