Turn your ideas into animation video script with the use of creative words

June 12, 2020

Explainer video script

Have you tried in preparing an explainer video script? It is not an easy task. It remains as the hardest challenge of where to start the script for an animated video.

Let’s start to know what are the creative elements to be included in the explainer video. It helps us to create a successful animation script that boosts the video to the next level.

How to kick start with the explainer video script?

Scripting writing should prepare a story that triggers the reading interest of the viewer. You should always develop an animation script with simple character dialogue, actions, and expression.


Video Scriptwriting concepts

The explainer video script is the key component in determining the outcome of the animated video. Above all, a video script serves as a blueprint for designers of what are the characters, environments, and how the animation process progresses through video.

What is the primary need to make use of explainer video script?

Are you interested to know about why animated videos used for business promotions? It is because it offers complete flexibility in storytelling. Of course, explainer videos prepared to attain extensive customer interaction about the product.

Key insiders observed in preparing an explainer video script:

Use attractive words in the explainer video script:

It is better to eliminate complex words in the video script, as it is difficult to understand by the viewer. So always opt for simple words that enable the easy conversion of visual representation.

Remember that the explainer script should be short. Writing a script states the visual presentation of a product within a short time frame.

Usually, beginners of explainer video makers tend to create smooth animations with attractive illustrations. But you should know that poor explainer video script tends to make the video fail to reach the target audience.

  1. Exhibit your humor sense in the video script

Do you know “what did one hat say to the other?

You wait here. I will go on ahead.” Likewise, staying ahead can only be done by preparing startup explainer videos with humor sense.

sense of humor

Sense of humor

Moreover, these videos assist the people to gather the information entertainingly. You should prepare a video that always brings a loud laugh or a small smile that helps the audience stay refreshed in viewing the videos.

3.Insist on the selection of words and tone

As an animated explainer video maker, you should prepare a script by choosing the words and phrases that can easily read by a voice actor. Generally speaking, careful selection of words assists in highlighting product features. These features improve the branding of the products in the audience’s vision.

Usually, everyone who creates an explainer video will always tend to prepare amazing and creative visuals. But one should address the importance of voice tone, which improves the branding of the business than any other else.

4. Prepare a draft as like you converse

A successful video script development should follow a template that eliminates the poor content or content that doesn’t include the real information. When you prepare content that is similar to talking helps the audience to understand quickly.

marketing strategies

Conversational marketing script

Do you want is the major trick followed by video production companies? If you state yes, then they choose the right tone for their video. Animated explainer videos, always develop a script stating the features of the product in a friendly tone.

5. Restrict your writing to the limited number of words

A business video script contains characters and objects that bounds with the environment. So it is better to speak less. A 1-minute animated video script should not exceed 170words length. The number can slightly vary as a matter of language tone and stress of the content promoted by the company. However, the key point in preparing an explainer clip with a lengthier script fails to reach the customers when shared on social media platforms.

6. Represent your problem statement with the traditional format

You should represent the problem statement with the right structure. For example, if Annie earns more than Stephen, you should follow a message structure. This structure should contain what, who, why, and how.

The what portion

The first part of the script should include what problem the viewers are experiencing. This feature motivates the viewers to watch the video. At the same time, it also supports the video creators to introduce the product or service with a pleasant mode of the client.

The who portion

The explanatory videos should take a priority of introducing themselves in brief. Like, we Pictodesign create eye catchy animation video that drags your business to the next level or some keywords that deliver a sharp and focused product description to the viewer.

The why segment

This segment states a perfect solution to the problem. It also emphasizes why we are better than anyone else in offering an optimal solution. For example, we develop animated videos at a nominal cost with high-quality creative team members.

The how-to portion

This portion should contain clear procedural methods of stating the solution methodologies for product and services. In other words, this approach serves an effective structure to ensure the viewer with a solution that does not fail.

Closing notes

Following these scriptwriting tricks, you would be able to develop interesting stories that drive the customers to purchase the product or service. Then why do you wait for it? In essence, we are ready to help you with creative explainer videos that impress your customers at first sight.

Thus Picto design studio creates a new pathway in the animation industry, which makes us identified as a distinct personality among the competitors. In a word, connect with us to explore the diversified animations enabling your business to reach a wide range of customers.


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