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This is not 1952, when Colonel Sanders started KFC from the scratch and built a global fried chicken empire. Today, every business from every corner of the world deserves global presence at once as they kick-start from a business idea. With such opportunities available almost at a fraction of the budget, that it took in the past is a boon of the technological disruption happening. Making a clear say of the business through a corporate video gives the global push to it, and that is it.

Why Animated Corporate videos?

Corporate videos are non-advertising in nature that reaches the core customer populace or the in-house employees with better communication about the business. Though corporate videos educate the customers, aids retention and augments customer experience, it also fortifies the cognition of the business midst its own employees. Corporate videos range from brand films, videos on products, business proposals, testimonials from customers, and the list goes on until creativity dries out. Publishing corporate video, sharing it on every kind of social media and integrating it into e-mail marketing pre-empts the clients’ queries even before they approach you. Corporate video adds to rapport building, maximize the conversion rates and gives your brand the much needed global presence.

Marketing campaigns with a corporate video perform great, whatever the challenge thrown at it. Globally, even mid-sized businesses are bringing out as much as 18 videos per month, which enjoy a greater share of consumer following and brand loyalty, as a result. The trend is only picking up with a convincing 82 percent of businesses that are into corporate video marketing already, planning to hike their video marketing expenditure into ‘x’ times. Moreover, videos are more engaging and loved by search engines that they pick them prior to any static content. Largely, videos enjoy 12x more shares than image- and text-based content.

Why PictoDesign Studio for Animation Corporate Videos?

PictoDesign Studio, based in India and the US, is a connoisseur in corporate video production in 2D & 3D that produces videos understanding the marketing goals, budget, and deadlines of its clients. Optimized production time and clear presentation of complex concepts are the primary goals of PictoDesign Studio. We create and develop videos of every kind from product stories, videos for recruitment, social promotions, corporate training, just to name a few.

‘Commitment to deliver value’ is PictoDesign’s tagline that goes without a tag always.


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