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Explainer videos are synonymous with explaining the attributes of your business, products, and services in a simplified yet precise manner so your viewers can understand. So they are also termed as homepage video or overview video. But most popularly they are referred to as conversion videos as they are directly linked to converting leads and increase sales.

Basically, explainer videos address a problem; suggest a respective solution, its benefits and how the solution can work for your viewers. To be more accurate, explainer videos are short, engaging videos that offer a clear understanding to your viewers about your value proposition and the urge to take the next action.

Why Animated Explainer Videos?

An international study on the use of explainer videos summarizes the following:

  • There is a significant preference to use videos instead of reading texts to find information. This is particularly valid for younger respondents.
  • Respondents in the age group below 30 years show a particularly positive attitude towards video consumption
    2 out of 3 segments (based on preferences and behavior) show a rather positive attitude towards video consumption.
  • Overall evaluation of explainer videos is good and varies from 67 % (Color, US) to 84 % (Mysimpleshow, GER).
  • Watching the explainer video results in a considerably improved knowledge level of the interviewees.
  • Respondents with a perceived low knowledge level showed the strongest improvement in knowledge due to the video

Ten key benefits of using explainer videos for your business :

  • Increases conversion
  • Triggers interest for your products and services
  • Clarifies the purpose of your business
  • Increases web traffic
  • Better search engine rankings
  • Grab viewer’s attention
  • Make your brand memorable
  • Increases social media shares
  • Builds a voice and personality to your brand
  • Empowers your sales pitch

Why PictoDesign Studio for Animation Explainer Videos?

We at PictoDesign value the importance of your brand, product, and services. We meet with your team and work hand-in-hand with you to brainstorm unique ideas and refine those ideas to develop a customized potential strategy.

Our explainer videos in 2D & 3D display a perfect harmony between creative and strategy which is visible throughout our work. Our creative enhances the video to be able to capture the attention of the viewer. Our strategy ensures that your message is accurately delivered to the viewers and motivates them to move to the next action. Let PictoDesign, based in India and the US, make competitive explainer videos for your business to increase conversions and generate sales.


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