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Whiteboard videos are the most popular versions of explainer videos. They are preferred due to the potential of this type of video to present complex information in an interesting manner. Be it your complex technology or business ideas, these videos simplify the process of explaining by depicting hand-drawn images on a white background.

Whiteboard videos are very effective at translating complex ideas into an interesting and intuitive session. They create a perfect background for your business idea that needs to be communicated effectively in order to gain conversions.

Whiteboard videos express ideas with the simplicity that is not possible in other forms of content. The concept is very simple as it utilizes the typical classroom scenario where markers are used to portray ideas on a whiteboard.

Why Animated Whiteboard Videos?

A research study shows the impact of Whiteboard videos and the highlights of the results are given below:

  • Whiteboard videos increase problem-solving by 75%
  • There’s an average 15% increase in remembering information compared to ordinary talking head videos.
  • 80% of viewers will watch a video and have a positive response
  • Whiteboard videos are an ideal way to get across a difficult subject that might be boring using more conventional media.

The word ‘video’ in an email subject line increases the open rates by 20%, click-through rates (CTR) by almost 65% and reduces unsubscribes by 26% (Source: Syndacast).

Five key benefits of using Whiteboard videos for your business

  • Builds a positive brand image
  • Promotes website simplicity by clearing the extra clutter from complex contents
  • Enhances video sharing potential
  • Easily updatable
  • Offers diverse uses and limitless opportunities

Why PictoDesign Studio for Whiteboard videos?

At PictoDesign, based in the US and India, we create awesome whiteboard videos in 2D & 3D for your business. Our videos serve as great marketing tools, perfect for explaining your products and services in a quick and engaging way. We ensure all our videos are simple, short and flexible while being attention-grabbing to increase traffic to your website.

Instead of using hand-drawn pictures in real time, we complete the process digitally by animating the images using advanced tools, followed by scripting and recording narration. Our videos are crisp, solid, to the core and professional. Let PictoDesign create out-of-the-box whiteboard videos that hold a spontaneous style, which truly makes an effective whiteboard explainer video for your business!


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