Jumbling between 2D or 3D? Choose the right animation production service

animated explainer video

Do you want to boost your business to the next level? The best way for acceleration is to make use of animation videos.

Now, you may come up with a question of how a video can increase business value. The answer is to perform a video marketing strategy addressed through animated explainer videos. Accordingly, Internet facts, 90% of users watch the video content on social media platforms and other sites.

Today’s world filled with stories and content. Of course, interestingly creating valuable content increases your business value in the market. Therefore the statistics state that an average person can hold in memory only 10 percent of what they hear but 50 percent of what they visually see.  Now, this fact shows your business advertising with improved video marketing.

Why should you approach an explainer video production company?

1.Skillful handling of video creation

Video production professionals know what works clearly and what doesn’t work in terms of marketing a product. You can truly feel the effective and stylish nature of the video with the professional touch.

2. Utilization of high-end technical equipment

Do you know even the least tech-savvy person can identify the variation between an amateur production and best-animated explainer videos? Professional equipment utilized to perform precise editing and other video production activities.

3. Guaranteed sharing of video

When your video fails to get shared among the target audience, then it is useless. So it is very important to prepare a video compatible with all social media platforms and mobile technology. Hence a professional production company assures, the video prepared is accessible in all the platforms regardless of the technical exposure of the user.

Types of Explainer videos

  1. 2D Character Animated Explainer Videos
  2. Motion Graphics Explainer Videos
  3. Live-Action Explainer Video
  4. 3D Animated Explainer Videos
  5. Screencast Explainer Videos
  6. Kinetic typography explainer videos
  7. Whiteboard explainer videos

2D Animated Explainer Video

The best-animated explainer video always triggers the attention of a wide range of customers and improves the business value among the clients in an enhanced manner. 2D explainer videos selected by the majority of companies to develop a promotional video. These videos generated with product feature explanations in the form of animated characters and interesting scenes discussing the product features. In other words, explainer videos uncover the brand story of the product or service.

2D animation

2D animation example

Two-dimensional animations support extreme versatility permitting the customization of the video that tailors the requirements of the product assisting the promotion in the market. Hence, animated Explainer Videos evoke the emotion of a person to view the product, or service supporting the increased productivity of the organization.

3D Animated Explainer Video

3-dimensional videos increase the online visibility of the business among the customers. These animated videos increase the search volume of the business compared to the competitors and offer an enhanced branding of the product. 3D animated Explainer video designed interestingly encouraging the customer to purchase the product coupled with increased trust over the organization.

3D modelling
3D animated videos

A 3D explainer video is chosen by the client to represent the product in a detailed manner compared to the 2D animation. It possesses the ability to project natural movement, realistic qualities, and the modern design features of the product. Consequently, customers also forward these video links to their friends and relatives, which leads to the expansion of business to the new zone. Moreover, three-dimensional videos enable the designer to edit the video quickly. These videos support the business people to reach the target customers within a short duration of time. That is the reason people prefer these animation videos to express their views interestingly as liked by the target audience.

Now get ready to choose on the 2D animation or 3D animation video?

Henceforth, certain things that decide which animation style suits the business domain:

      • Choosing the animation style, how well the idea representation reaches the audience.
      • Attaining the business goal.
      • Identify the target audience of product marketing in the competitive world.
      • Video budget.
      • Turnaround time
      • Creative vision

When your timeline is only a few days, then it is better to go for a simple 2 D explainer animation video. Two – dimensional explainer videos target the local market. Generally speaking, a complicated advertisement with huge expenses can better fit with 3D explainer animation. To sum up, two dimensional and three-dimensional videos assist in presenting the project boldly and dynamically that distinguishes from other products.

To point out, both the animations tend to acquire the winner title either as stand-alone or working together. Reach us today, and we assure you to prepare an animation video that crowns your business in the competitive world. Ultimately, we are ready to create wonders in your business layout, enabling you to reach your objective in a short duration.

In the final analysis, if you are in the mid of an animated video project or planning to do a new one, then you are landed on the right page. In short, our team members prepare inspiring animated explainer videos that distinguish you from others.

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