Yaanu- World’s first contactless robot bar


Technology advances every day and brings an array of improvements in every activity. But what happens when a futuristic robotic bartender takes over the bars, cafes, airports, restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, and entertainment venues? YANU – a fully autonomous AI and robot-empowered bartending unit. It can prepare 100 to 150 drinks per day. Approximately it takes 24 to 36 seconds per drink. Yanu possesses a Customer Identification Algorithm and knows a lot of beverage recipes. So, easily interact with the customer and obtain their drink preferences.

Client requirement:

Alan Adojaan- the founder of Yanu, ran a night club for 15 years. It was really a hard, and turbulent phase, but it brings him the idea of optimizing the drinking industry with futuristic advantages. After all, the pandemic is the real kick-starter of this tool. Now, people are using Yanu with the comfort of a contactless bar. Yanu designs to decrease the waiting time. So, our client wanted an engaging video that should clearly explain Yanu’s work process. It not only stands as an explainer video yet emphasizes the importance of Yanu to global investors. However, they required the video to create in five different languages.

How we planned:

We’ve worked on more compelling videos for clients from a handful of industries, products, software, apps yet somewhat Yanu is our first robotic project. Our team was very enthusiastic, and to get the ball roll we took many references. We decided to use 2D animation. After getting the storyboard, we cut to the chase. Our client was very emphatic at framing the Yanu robot in a realistic glimpse. So, we got the reference and explored the model through the website. Designing the Yanu robot in the 2D style with realistic check-out is the major accomplishment of this project.

Project Challenges:

Obviously, it was a futuristic concept, and the project challenges start from the script correction. However, it was drafted by the client but pursuing the best took almost two sittings. Maintaining the story flow of and cut shot of scripts was certainly obscure at some points without any doubts. Later our sample panel was designed on the basis of the given reference. To complete the illustration part of the video had taken eight days. Combining the robotic concept with the blockchain investment was utterly heterogeneous but, we need to balance them without any slope. We gracefully designed the 2D image of the robot but representing the spin with 2D was sturdy.




Presenting the actual motion of the robot with 2D, and swirl was the hardcore of this project. But we represented the real-world Yanu image and its spinning as alive. Initially, we planned to integrate the white-colored object of Yanu. But the breezy background elements failed to crystallize the central object of the video. We later changed it into glowing red. It was a noteworthy change but still offering a majestic and realistic outlook to the whole video. To furnish the integrity usage of the blockchain, cryptocurrency market, database significance placed through different colors and shapes. After the client signed off the storyboard, we spared our valuable time for team discussion, and wavering ideas and implements were the best solution.




The pinnacle of our robotic project was conserved with the planned time frame. Conveying futuristic technology with an apt animation style was prosperously completed. Within this tightly drawn horizon, our video gets its limelight among the global investors. Having this video as a vibrant business reference, fundraising, team expansion, and marketing all had been done in a short span of time. Now, Yanu raises $1 million of investment for its robotic bartender with a glassy video idea. Accepting the tough challenges and completes them with supremacy is the golden line of this project ever!



We are Picto Design Studio! Our project crew:

Creative Direction: Abraham 

Illustration: Abraham Churchill

Visualizer: Tharani

Animation: Shivaraj

Animation: Jeeva

Project Coordination: Preeti

Voice-over Artists: 

Grant Bolton – English (US Accent)

Artist Koji – Japanese

Charlottezhang – Chinese

Perfectmoon – Korean

Time: 24 days


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