Does video marketing statistics essential to promote your business on Instagram for the year 2020?

video marketing statistics on Instagram

Do you want to reach the peak of your business in an easygoing way? You may wander up with your eyebrows touching the ceiling, but hold tight we offer you mind-blasting explainer videos that make your marketing strategies a sense around your customers.

The majority of people might have checked Instagram activity at least once every hour. Without any concern of sharing their pictures, or selling a product, or promoting a business. Now, let’s dive into the keynotes that assist you to earn more through marketing on Instagram.

What is the importance of using Instagram?

Instagram is the most powerful social media platform, with more than 42% of users check the activity multiple times per day, and 63% of users log in once every day, spending 28 minutes staying on the website. A statistics report that about 200 million users navigate through the business page at least once every day. Thus these numbers show how the platform engages the viewers and brings the attention of the user when you promote your branding.


Reasons that urge you to make use of video marketing strategy in Instagram

When you analyze the demographics of the social media platform, it assists you to determine the content type preferred by a group of people. Your target audience is never far away from you at any cause.


Video advertising strategy in Instagram

If you prepare a video for your business with interesting content more appreciated by the audience, then that is it, you have won the hearts of viewers undoubtedly.

Check out the strong reasons that emphasize the new marketing strategy.

#Video wins viewer engagement battle

Originally Instagram used to share photos, but videos more gained popularity among the users. An innovative video grabs the attention of the user 38% higher than an image.

#Perform branding through hashtags

If you want to view your post by a wide range of users, then making use of hashtags would be the right choice. When you prepare an explainer video and post with a hashtag, it assures you of 12% engaged customers.

hash tag

Instagram Hashtags

Do you know that user-centric content with personalized hashtags improves brand awareness? Yes, It also encourages the viewers to purchase the product.

#Pull down your new leads with improved sales strategies

Instagram serves as a search engine for your branding, which skyrockets your sales.  80% of online shoppers state that they make their purchase decision based on the advertising done on Instagram. When you post your promotional video integrating a creative approach, then Instagram assures determining new marketing leads with the right impact over the target audience.

#Positive response from your customers

When an Instagram user checks out the business profile page of a company will certainly take positive action regarding your video promoting your product or service. Naturally, this will always lead you to gain more clients, along with the exponential growth of your business.

social media platform

A positive response from clients

#Boost your online visibility

A great video will always make your eyes forget to twitch, and it will surely raise your conversion rate. You can also identify the visual change sales progression in your business graph. When an explainer video posted three or four times a day, it increases online product visibility and credibility.

#Survive among your competitors

If you are new to social media platforms, then it becomes essential that you should know about the used marketing strategies to stay ahead of your competitors.


Analyze your competitor business technique

 You should have a look at your competitor’s business profile to know how their advertising videos engage the audience. Now creating a video for yourself will eventually bring up customers to your business page.

#Educates your customers

The customers don’t prefer to look for a product sold out unless it gets listed out as the best product or service in the search engine gets more purchase orders. The marketers claim that 97% of customers place the order by watching the video as it educates the features and the positive among the competitor products.


Let us pull down the knot!

An Instagram video post advances its propagation among a wide range of customers by helping you with unlimited business opportunities. Video marketing offers a new perception of a product exploring the creative elements solving their issues in the real-world. So come out of your traditional marketing techniques and get geared up with Instagram video posts to reach the peak of your business. Picto Design Studio has developed numerous promotional videos that hit the top stories of Instagram for various business domains.

Reach us to grab the stunning videos that hypnotize your target audience to boom your business. We always look forward to offering videos that serve as a trendsetter enabling your business unique among the other competitors.

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Do you want to automate your marketing tool by combining video and email to boost open rates?

Integrate email and video to boost open rates

Being a marketer to find out the opportunities with email is a bit complicated. But email remains top in the promotional tool for any business. Your messages should stand out of the crowd when a client opens your mail.

Marketing emails help you stay connected with potential customers, assist in promoting the brand, and expands the business to outreach. If you prepare it in the right way, then the growth is exponential. Let us get into the topic to explore the video embedding techniques and the benefits of using them.

What is the need to integrate video in email campaigns?

If you combine video and email, then this powerful tool can be used to promote social media platforms and other promotional methods. As a client, they would receive numerous emails every day. So it is essential to add engaging content to make the audience open and establish interaction for your promotional emails.


Incorporate video in email campaigns

Email campaigns can make use of video, which assists your business email opening rate to reach high that in turn leads to the expansion up to 200 to 300%.

How email strategy influence your recipients?

When you send an email to your customer, then he/she should be able to play the video within a single click rather than navigating to the third party sites. The flexibility in watching the videos supports to achieve improved user experience.

Golden rules to be followed in integrating email and video

Kick start by fixing objectives

Setting up a goal in digital marketing may appear to be simple, but finding out the first step to achieve success remains a crucial aspect. A clear goal will formalize the campaign and enable a gauge meter to measure success.

Find out the right page for your video!

If you try to reach your audience on the right channel, then it is better to avoid hosting your video in the third party sites. When your viewer directed to the third-party site, they might get diverted by some other stuff. Your viewer will also forget for what they are into the third party site, so it is always better to host your video on the landing page.

Let us check out some key points to follow in unlocking your success in using the explainer video on the landing page.

  • Prepare a webpage that hosts your explainer video alone on the page.
  • Launch your video with SEO keywords to enhance the visibility of the landing page in the search engines.
  • Thumbnail should be the same as that specified in the email.

Why should you link images to work better?

There is a strong reason why digital marketing professionals don’t prefer video to embed in their email do you know why? It is because of the loading time of the video is high. So, this makes the majority of the experts make use of animated GIFs as well as static images. A good marketer will place the play button in the center of the image that directs to the blog to watch the video. This strategy enables you to monitor the campaign progression as well as how the emails drive your web traffic.

email marketing

Use of Animated GIFs in email

You should always embed your video to an email, where the first click directs the user to watch the video, and the second click directing to the landing page. This method improves the opportunity to turn the customer into a potential buyer.

Improve your potential customer rate

Do you want to create a more engaging and entertaining time with your customers? If yes, then marketing emails with video will reap you high benefits. It not only connects with the existing audience but also enables you to expand your network. If you already possess a huge number of audiences to open your mail, then you should include video into the mail to make the content worth it. You should prepare a worthy content then only your clients will share with their friends, colleagues, and other clients. The opening rate of the email is raised to 18%, leading to an increased click-through rate of 20%. All these factors reduce the unsubscription rate to 26%.

Source: bread beyond


Boost your customer rate

Best practices to implement in marketing emails

Cling to the Dos and Dont’s of email marketing to achieve high click-through rates.

  • Your email subject line should contain the video indicating your recipient that some interesting content is enclosed.
  • Always prefer an attractive thumbnail for the video, which catches the attention of the client at first sight itself.
  • Avoid integrating several CTAs into the email content.
  • Maintain your video file size small so that it is easy for the viewer to watch the video.
  • Drive traffic to your landing page by sending a video thumbnail in the email that connects your page.
  • Add the play button to the video URL to enable your subscriber to play the video.
  • You can prepare various emails speaking the same subject with different thumbnails and body content. By doing this, you can find out which format reaches wide across the audience.

The verdict

You might be disinterested in doing an extra work of embedding a video with your marketing email, but it will guarantee you with profitable results. Regardless of including a GIF image or a video makes your email turn as engaging content that offers unlimited fun to the user. Now you hold a metrics scale of your target audience to determine their interests and preferences in making a purchase decision.

Planning to prepare an intriguing email, grabbing the pulse of your audience, then we are ready to support you with videos that unbox your future gains.

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Check out the reason why you should have an explainer video for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency?

explainer video for blockchain and cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency remains as a popular investment medium where bitcoin and ethereum are cryptocurrencies created based on the blockchain with the increasing value every day. The growth of cryptocurrency is exponential as well as it is complicated to think. Apart from the complexity associated with blockchain technology, heavy competition exists in this field. Every day new ICO’s, trading platforms, and exchange gateways are launched across the world. Blockchain technology blooms all around the world. This feature leads to the companies looking for a better presentation in front of the audience.

What makes video branding as the ideal choice?

As we all know, reading an article or listening to a message requires more for a viewer to go through the information. Moreover, the listening skills and learning capacities of the individuals differ from one person to another. If you choose a video branding, then it provides an enhanced perspective about the product coupled with quick comprehension of the information. A serious investor of cryptocurrency looks for a video comprising a highly engaging storytelling animation that conveys the message in a simple format.

Why should you prepare an explainer video for blockchain or cryptocurrency companies?

  • People always tend to search for new cryptocurrency companies that involve mining and trading to increase their gain.   When you opt for an animated video, then it helps you to explain the ICO investment stages and their process with high clarity to the customers.
  • Consumers pay disinterest to invest if the product does not convince the users. So you should explain your cryptocurrency product features that surprise your audience. According to statistics, nine out of ten people state that they decide on the purchase after checking out the product video.


Reasons for choosing an explainer video

  • When you own a cryptocurrency startup, then you should choose the right marketing campaign which utilizes your resources to attain your potential customers. Explainer videos serve as a multi-platform tool that functions virtual and gains you with unlimited ROI.
  • You can strengthen your blockchain technology company image, with the creative script linked with exciting visuals, and sound effects.

Play your business game with the blockchain explainer video

Some of the key insights of explainer video are

Make your step to reach your audience.

Everyone knows that youtube ranks the top 10 sites across the world. When you search for a video youtube, is listed at the top of the search. Google also places the youtube videos at the top of the list to increase the viewer’s attention over the platform.  So if you prepare a blockchain video for your company, it enables you to reach a wide range of audiences.

  • Increase your site visibility

Statistics represent that internet users spend only 50 seconds over the new website. Visitors will skip your webpage if the page is overloaded with text content, whereas video content improves the engagement of the visitor. Blockchain videos also encourage the viewer to make better decisions, share their views, and comment on your product.


Increase your website visibility among the audience

  • Boost your conversion rates

If you own a blockchain startup company, then you need fuel to acquire your lead conversions to achieve success. Conversion rates increase by 30 percent compared to other marketing strategies. Blockchain technology demands a clear explanation format to avoid confusion.


Improve your sales leads

  • Notify your updates to the clients immediately

If you wish to perform the branding of your altered logo or product features, then preparing an updated video will inform your clients rapidly. This feature will enable you to grab potential customers to watch over the product updates.

  • Respond to the queries of your client

Bitcoin is a common terminology in front of the public, but a blockchain video animation should give answers to all the questions of an investor. Your video should also discuss the important aspects of securing agreements, ownership rights, and future benefits. When you clear the queries of the user, then it will stimulate the curiosity of cryptocurrency companies’ investment.

Rule your business now

Thus animation video not only summarizes the key elements of your business within a short period but also inspires the audience with enriched trust and confidence over your company. We are not only an animation company but also we possess a wide experience in the ICO environment. Our expert team comprehends your business flow and prepares videos that offer a clear perception of your company.

Make your wise business move in the competitive world by linking with us to create a stunning video!

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Project duration and completion of the task

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Order Cancellation

If you want to cancel your order, then we request our valuable clients to send an official cancellation order through an email within fifteen days of your order placement. When we receive your cancellation request, we will halt our task associated with the project immediately by informing the client.

Quality of work

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