Check out the reason why you should have an explainer video for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency?

explainer video for blockchain and cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency remains as a popular investment medium where bitcoin and ethereum are cryptocurrencies created based on the blockchain with the increasing value every day. The growth of cryptocurrency is exponential as well as it is complicated to think. Apart from the complexity associated with blockchain technology, heavy competition exists in this field. Every day new ICO’s, trading platforms, and exchange gateways are launched across the world. Blockchain technology blooms all around the world. This feature leads to the companies looking for a better presentation in front of the audience.

What makes video branding as the ideal choice?

As we all know, reading an article or listening to a message requires more for a viewer to go through the information. Moreover, the listening skills and learning capacities of the individuals differ from one person to another. If you choose a video branding, then it provides an enhanced perspective about the product coupled with quick comprehension of the information. A serious investor of cryptocurrency looks for a video comprising a highly engaging storytelling animation that conveys the message in a simple format.

Why should you prepare an explainer video for blockchain or cryptocurrency companies?

  • People always tend to search for new cryptocurrency companies that involve mining and trading to increase their gain.   When you opt for an animated video, then it helps you to explain the ICO investment stages and their process with high clarity to the customers.
  • Consumers pay disinterest to invest if the product does not convince the users. So you should explain your cryptocurrency product features that surprise your audience. According to statistics, nine out of ten people state that they decide on the purchase after checking out the product video.


Reasons for choosing an explainer video

  • When you own a cryptocurrency startup, then you should choose the right marketing campaign which utilizes your resources to attain your potential customers. Explainer videos serve as a multi-platform tool that functions virtual and gains you with unlimited ROI.
  • You can strengthen your blockchain technology company image, with the creative script linked with exciting visuals, and sound effects.

Play your business game with the blockchain explainer video

Some of the key insights of explainer video are

Make your step to reach your audience.

Everyone knows that youtube ranks the top 10 sites across the world. When you search for a video youtube, is listed at the top of the search. Google also places the youtube videos at the top of the list to increase the viewer’s attention over the platform.  So if you prepare a blockchain video for your company, it enables you to reach a wide range of audiences.

  • Increase your site visibility

Statistics represent that internet users spend only 50 seconds over the new website. Visitors will skip your webpage if the page is overloaded with text content, whereas video content improves the engagement of the visitor. Blockchain videos also encourage the viewer to make better decisions, share their views, and comment on your product.


Increase your website visibility among the audience

  • Boost your conversion rates

If you own a blockchain startup company, then you need fuel to acquire your lead conversions to achieve success. Conversion rates increase by 30 percent compared to other marketing strategies. Blockchain technology demands a clear explanation format to avoid confusion.


Improve your sales leads

  • Notify your updates to the clients immediately

If you wish to perform the branding of your altered logo or product features, then preparing an updated video will inform your clients rapidly. This feature will enable you to grab potential customers to watch over the product updates.

  • Respond to the queries of your client

Bitcoin is a common terminology in front of the public, but a blockchain video animation should give answers to all the questions of an investor. Your video should also discuss the important aspects of securing agreements, ownership rights, and future benefits. When you clear the queries of the user, then it will stimulate the curiosity of cryptocurrency companies’ investment.

Rule your business now

Thus animation video not only summarizes the key elements of your business within a short period but also inspires the audience with enriched trust and confidence over your company. We are not only an animation company but also we possess a wide experience in the ICO environment. Our expert team comprehends your business flow and prepares videos that offer a clear perception of your company.

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