ZAPR- Real Time Surveys


Zapr- Real Time Surveys is a chart-topping budding media-tech company based in Bangalore. The derivation of Zapr starts a consumer-facing firm to figure out the user-engaging TV programs. Later, the transition like using the ACR (Audio Content Recognition) and other fine-tune technologies makes them a tech giant. They can measure the smartphone users’ active engagement on Radio, Music, OTT, Games, and TV viewership ratio in real-time. This ratio provides actionable insight and changes the advertising ecosystem in a revolutionary way. Having perfect, accurate, and real-time data orientation, Zapr can resolve the inefficiencies in the media and advertising industry.


Our client proposed to make an attention-grabbing video based on the biggest sport event FIFA-2018, and one of India’s leading automobile company TATA Motors. It was the explainer video created to highlight Zapr’s FIFA marketing campaign for their client TATA Motors’ new launch TATA ACE GOLD. The campaign was a very successful one. So, the explainer video should out speak the ad campaign, its engagement, instant reach, impressions, conversions, sales and all have come to the top and similarly, the animated explainer video follows the video script.

How we did it:

The script was handed over by our client. After getting the script, we heedfully listened to the idea and expectation of our client’s on the upcoming video. They primarily provided the video footage that needs to join up with the animation video. We roughly started to sketch the storyboard and cautiously noted where the video footage to be placed and where to use the animation works to specify without the scratch of the given script. However, we planned to use the 2D animation style to match the live-action video mere in this video concept. We already made marketing campaign videos, yet the idea of video footage with animation presentation was a novel brainchild.

Project Challenges:

Every project is challenging in its own ways. Certainly, it was a huge step forward from our prior works. The subject matter of the explainer video was challenging too. Balancing the script, given video as well as travel around the concept were the real working challenges. The client wanted to use the football match as the initiatory concept. So, we discussed with our crew and their part of the work was assigned among them. To match the upcoming slide, timeline, and voice-over we took almost four references but the only one was perfectly suited to the scene.




After completion of illustration storyboard work, we send it to the clients and they approve it. While working on the animation we faced some additional challenges. While animating the video, the color scheme was chosen by the client. But when it came to the work of animation they felt that it was blazing. So, the animation crew discussed it with the client and suggested changing it to a lighter version. After getting the approval we worked on the changes. It was really prettier than before which was peak change and easily gelled with the flow of the live-action video. After changing the color scheme, we met a pitfall between the voice-over as well as the video. Sometimes, there was a need to extend the video clips to match the voice-over as well as cut shot the videos to balance the short-term voice-overs. But fortunately, the Zapr team was very convivial; they really loved the outcome.


Zapr- video
Mobile app explainer video



At the initial time of taking on a new project, there were so many things to consider. In this project, more things were balanced. Though it was strained with too many limitations, we learned a lot. The artistic animation part can be minimized, but it spectacularly carried the whole video. Our animation team, a fine-tune of software, and the other factors made this project distinctive.


We are Picto Design Studio! Our project crew:


Creative Direction: Abraham & Vivek

Illustration: Abraham Churchill

Animation: Vivek

VIsualizer: Janani

Voice-Over Artist: Client

Project Coordinator: Preeti

Time:  25 days




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