Why business storytelling is important for your marketing and how to reap its benefits?

Business storytelling

What makes you succeed in marketing your product depending on the innovative topic or creative experts or budget? All the elements become essential. But above all, the problem of the consumer should be addressed convincingly with an optimal solution. The majority of companies use a storytelling strategy that attracts their clients with improved business connectivity.

We shall start with a story of Colonel Sanders aged 65 years, who received his retirement cheque of $99. At that time he just owned a small house and a beat-up car, then he made his mind to think innovatively and create a chicken recipe. This recipe was very much liked by his friends. Colonel sanders traveled various US states and consulted restaurant owners to market his idea. He said that he would give the idea for free and take a small percentage in the foods sold. He got rejected in all the places, but he did not give up. After 1009 rejections he received acceptance and finally attained the success crown by changing the eating habit of the whole world with name as KFC.

Business storytelling possesses few guidelines that support your product to reach the exceptional heights in the market.

Prepare a story in a structured format

Some stories tend to make the audience boring. This feature enforces you to regularize the storyline, such as:

  • Split your story into various subdivisions, then perform an analysis on every part of what should be explained and how deep the story part explained to the user.
  • Always avoid over detailing on story stages.

Structure your story flow

  • Add words that trigger the senses of the reader, such as I wake up from my bed with streaking hit of sunlight through windows. I started moving near my kitchen, and I got a pleasant aroma of coffee that made my sleepiness to run far away from me.

Learn storytelling by finding the movie plots

Whether you love to watch movies in your free time? If yes, then you should be an analyzer of the movie rather than a spectator. This process helps you find out how the filmmakers navigate you to travel through the story interestingly. For example, if you watch a thriller movie containing a scene of searching for murder makes the viewer sit on the edge of the seat to watch the final climax. Narrate your story with interesting plots makes you gain more number of engaging audience.

Start with a friendly tone and avoid bragging

The majority of the customers don’t put much concentration over the product description. Therefore if you keep on bragging your product that is superior to your competitors, then it would naturally turn off the interest of your target audience.


Tell your story in a friendly tone

If you wish to establish a strong bonding with the client, the first step is to provide the trust of your product. Gain trust by addressing their problems with solutions and frequently share interesting information about the industry.

Stay genuine

The credibility of the product gets destroyed quicker by inauthentic stories. Few companies perform branding of their product by including happenings of customers and employees to drag the attention of the user, which might fail to do so. Marketing experts claim to add up true stories builds your strong empire by earning the trust of the customers.

Built a unique signature

One of the primary methods to achieve a high return on investment is to build branding, which raises the awareness of the product among the target audience.

Change the Formal presentation

When you prepare a video marketing, the majority of the companies eliminate the casual looks. They always love to include formalities but not all the characters with the formal suit carrying a laptop bag. The characters should preserve familiarness for the audience to stay in the story for a long period.

Incorporate context to your stories

Prepare your story with the context that uses the journalism principles of what, who, where, why, when, and how. This feature supports your audience with an improved comprehension of the story content. Every element included in the video should serve a specific goal that makes the video better for branding and marketing of the product/services. If you try to perform the video marketing of a new product, then combine the story with context and concluded with call-to-action.


Story context


If you wish to market your product that is different from competitors, then you should choose the animated video. These video permits you to present a wonderful world in front of the audience. Preparing a story with interesting characters and cute expressions that impress the customer, at first sight, itself in the marketing of the product. 

That’s all for it. As a human, we love to hear stories as well as tell stories to others, but you should pay little attention that enables a better way of communication. Picto prepares your video with high care that supports you to expand your business on a wide scale.

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