Why do you need to create customer testimonial videos that serve better for you?

Customer Testimonial Videos

The majority of the customers in the current world tend to purchase a product based on customer reviews and case studies. As a customer, you will not wish to put your hard-earned money on things that do not meet your demands. Customer testimonials serve you by speaking about your product and encourage your customers to approve your proposal.  You may wonder why people are interested to know the experience before purchasing a product. It is nothing but you make a purchase of the product after knowing the product experience from other customers. And now, you have understood how customer testimonials help us to reach a wide range of audiences.

If you want to choose an effective marketing technique, then customer testimonials would be the right choice, which is rated 89% compared to other marketing methods.

How customer testimonials play a vital role in marketing?

Customer reviews create proper perception over the brand leading to improved sales growth. Some of the benefits are:

  • If you include a positive customer testimonial video, then it will build your credibility as well as the reliability of your product in the market.
  • Do you want to speed up your customer purchase ratio? If yes, then it is better to include customer testimonial to your website.
  • These testimonials assist the diversity and versatility of your product to solve the problems of the target audience.

But over a few years, the majority of the clients tend to appear smarter to find the authentic testimonials. So, it is better to prepare a customer testimonial that guides a buyer in the purchasing journey.

How to prepare a testimonial video that is accepted by potential customers?

Prepare a story for your video!

If you are preparing a video without a story, then it is assumed that people will not pay attention to your video. Experts insist that you should trigger the curiosity of the viewer only through the story. All these don’t enforce you that you start with a few years ago or once upon a time. The story should always match the message flow of the video.


Testimonial video story

Place your story in the appropriate context!

You can comfort the viewer by linking the story and appropriate context, which states the geographic location or the video recording place. This feature assists the client to comprehend the background details of the story.

Develop a story in a structured format

If you create a video without a structure, then you will be unaware of how you process the information and why the client should prefer your brand. So a story divided into three parts start, middle, and end. The beginning part of your story should speak about the client and his requirements. The middle part of the story should deal with the branding and the services provided by the product. This part can explain in detail, stating the uniqueness of the product and how they stand out of the crowd. Finally, complete your story such that the client requirements gets satisfied by your product.

Streamline your story concept

If you are a good marketer, then you should think from the client’s perspective, people prefer to view an exciting video than a boring video. Prepare an inspiring video by understanding the deep requirements of the client. The video progresses by stating product features that assist the client in achieving the desired outcomes. The majority of the target audience possesses similar desires, which seems to appear at the start of the video to serve as a psychological trigger for other clients.


Craft your customer testimonial story

When you urge the need to purchase your product, then your customer experience video must include pain points. Pain points state the problems faced by the customer, and it helps the customer to relate their issues solved by the product. Consequently, explain your solution by promoting your brand, that we are the best in the industry. In the closing note, add the statements, how your product matches to the client’s desire.

Eliminate predefined scripts

The primary reason people prefer to watch customer experience videos is to hear a genuine view of the product. How can you expect that your client speaks genuinely in front of the camera as of a news reader?

Let’s check out the key points that you should remind while creating a customer testimonial.

  • Prepare and handover a detailed questionnaire for the interviewer to answer the product questions.
  • Perform a detailed conversation with the client to comprehend his views about the product.
  • You can ask your client to state the main factors he would like to point out in the video and insist him to state them smoothly during the video progression.
  • If your client frequently uses the fillers ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ pause the recording. Allow time for him to settle and record the video with the right approach.

Establish your connection with the audience emotionally

Video production should focus on the preparation of videos that convince the clients in an emotional way, not over the facts. The words expressed by the customer should be fun as well as inspiring the product purchase.

Video production tips for testimonial videos

  • When you are watching a thriller movie, you view every scene with curiosity sitting in the corner of the seat. Can you find out how? It is because every scene captured at different angles to stimulate the interest of the audience to stay tuned with the movie. Similarly, record the testimonial videos with multiple cameras angles not only trigger the interest of the user. But also it improves the comfortability of the customer in front of the camera.

Tips for customer testimonial video production

  • Fix your video length duration less than a minute.
  • Plan the important points to be discussed wisely in the given time.
  • Record your video in different places, which grabs the attention of the customer to watch over the video.
  • Take diverse shots of your product/service, which helps you to showcase the product features appealingly.

Now it is time to focus your lens

Thus preparing customer testimonial videos not only makes your brand visible among the audience but also projects the specific reasons why a client should prefer your product compared to the competitor. If you feel to make use of testimonial videos for your product/service/brand, then we are ready to help you. Check our videos and move with us to gain powerful testimonial serving your business demands.

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