Grab the techniques of brand companies that improved sales through 2D product Explainer videos

Why you should choose video marketing?

The majority of the people of the current world spend their time watching videos that make them enjoyable and informative. Do you agree with me or not? If yes, then you are landed on the right page.   If you don’t feel dramatic, then you should understand the best marketing strategy that enables your product to be familiar with the customers. The above-said things can be achieved only through animated corporate videos.

Get into the topic, and you will understand the necessity as well as the urgency of the explainer video creation.

Let’s get into the key factors that help you to achieve increased sales.

Success key # 1:

The Majority of ICOs gather money and receive funds with the use of animated product video. Usually, the blockchain companies tend to explain the status of their company, their growth ratio every year, and their profit gain appears complicated from the customer perspective. Explainer videos support blockchain companies and move forward in the increasing sales graph.

Success key #2:

Medical and healthcare services make use of explainer videos to create brand awareness among clients. Previously, healthcare websites contain bulk text information that seems to be a boring content for the viewers. But the modern companies integrate animated product videos on their homepage to drug information, their usage, and precautions to be followed for each drug. These videos also help the patients to clarify their doubts in the FAQ section.

Brand love

Success key #3:

If you tend to browse in a search engine, then you can see animated content on the home page itself. So including best-animated product videos boosts your Site SEO and supports your website to rank higher on Google searches. The time spent by the visitor over the website plays a major role in the ranking factor of the search engines. You can also upload your animation video on Youtube, which gains you improved SEO ranking. You can also include SEO keywords to boost your animated product video ranking.

As per the statistics, the average retention period of the user lies within 8 seconds, but if you include an interesting video, it extends up to 2 minutes. The purchase analysis report states that 85% of people make their purchase after seeing a video about the product they need to purchase.

Overall the mobile commerce expanded 25% sales than any other marketing strategy. Promotional experts declare that video traffic occupies 90% of internet usage. This analysis clearly states that it increases the visibility of the website to a great extent.

Success key #4:

When you need to create a special bond with customers and consider your brand on all purchase circumstances, then no one can win the race other than that of animation videos. You should approach an animation video production company to prepare a video with friendly characters and the most appealing stories. This feature assists your target audience to connect with the explainer video quickly.


Enhanced customer relationship

You should consistently ensure that your video creates an emotional bond between your audience and the product. Choosing the right impact supports your audience to remember the brand while purchasing the product.

Success key #5:

The nonprofit organization prepares explainer videos as it adds value to the functionality of the organization. These industries perform great tasks for people, animals, and the environment which possess a wide range of audiences. Explainer video represents the problem resolved by the nonprofit organization. Live-action videos tend to get outdated over the years, whereas in the case of animation videos, it stays fresh for many years.

Live-action videos require much time to explain a product, but in explainer videos, it demands only 60 seconds. Furthermore, animated product video does not indicate any specific age group, race, or nationality.

Success key #6:

Manufacturing companies utilize 2D explainer videos to state the working principle of the company. These videos explain the complicated concepts like how raw material gets transformed as a finished product. Explainer videos help manufacturing companies to reach the target audience creatively.

Success key #7:

You might wonder how an animated video used as an effective tool in the education sector? But the truth is, it creates fruitful surprises in educating the students. Animated educational video deliver the message effectively among the learners by increasing the engagement towards the video.

When you wish to redesign your traditional methods, then an educational explainer video would be the right choice. Productive and entertaining learning environments assist the student to grasp the information quickly and increase the concentration of the learner. Educational animated videos assist in delivering the topic in terms of stories with improved visual effects. This feature triggers the learning interest of the student.

The takeaway

Finally, you have perceived a clear presentation of why explainer video is opted by top branding companies.  These animated characters add life to your product description by innovatively serving the brand needs. At Pictodesign studio, we deliver you with the eye-catchy videos that serve your business needs in all situations of the competitive world. Stay with us to keep updated with impressive animated videos.


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