How does a high-quality explainer video generate more customer conversions than a low-quality explainer video?



The quality of an explainer video is vital. Because this video only conveys and talks about the product or service of your brand. According to a survey, a clarity explainer video boosts the business conversion rates than the text-based explanation presenting. While presenting the quality video to the viewers, it binds the business transparency and the user experience. For a step ahead, we are now posting the video descriptions for the search engine crawling. Sometimes, the video content may decrease your website speed. For this reason, many people posting low-quality explainer videos for their websites and social media pages. So, first of all, plan your video about where it will post.


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Suppose it is a brand new product or service utilize the 2D and 3D animation video on your landing page. After some time, you just move the video to YouTube channel and other social media pages related to the business service. Hope you got an Idea.

 Both developed companies and start-ups need to use high-quality explainer videos for their demo purpose. It does not only stand for the pleasant present but also the professional enhancement speaks everywhere. Many people just consider video promotions are more expensive and go for low-quality product promotion videos. It is utterly wrong. A quality explainer video certainly, a good investment more than that, it is a visual asset of your business.

A high-quality explainer video – importance:

While presenting your product demo or explainer video in low quality, the clear interaction can be missing. Mostly the viewers simply skip the video if the loading time is longer. Sometimes the posh ideas may lack in the visualization. Sometimes, the visual is too good but, the idea seems to be a simple one. If you’re new to video marketing but want to know about the fundamental elements of quality explainer video, you’re at the right place. 


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Today businesses are improving their wings in every way of digitalization. Digital platforms can offer more engagement, drive to view the videos, and conversion is also easily possible. Besides, the idea or innovation impressed the audience that the video shared between more people. 

 Offering the best demonstration of your quality video reach more audience if it combined with some other additional elements they are:

Creative idea               

Short and crisp video content

Mind appealing characters or objects

Presenting the emotional impact.


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All these considerations create a great script. Actually, the video sells your product. So, try to present it as eye candy. Never compromise on the quality. There are multiple animation video companies is available. How to choose the best? Before randomly choosing the animation video agencies, just spare quality time and analyze the animation agency. See their videos and note how they handle multi-variety. Then convey your clear-cut idea and never forget to ask for suggestions and feedback from the animation team. They know more things because of handling more business platforms and certainly know the latest video trends.




What is an explainer video how it helpful for business?


What is an Explainer Video?  before that, let’s know the process of branding a business. Branding a business is a responsible task. Due to the advancement of technology, you can easily brand your business. Before a decade, we all hear that content is the king, and its format will decide the future of the business growth. Yeah, it’s true. Today, trends are changed a lot. Mere text content consumes a lot of time to read. It delays finding the exact need of the reader among the long passage. So, people are paid no heed to such texts. To replace the text as well as present the exact business videos and the video ideas are the ever best choice. According to a recent survey, 80% of online traffic is solely generated by video content.

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What is an explainer video?

There are multiple types of videos are available in the design world. The explainer is one among them, and it plays a very crucial role in your business promotion. Explainer videos are the short-term marketing video that can easily draft an outline about what is your business? Or explains a company’s product or service. As a business trend, the explainer videos are placing on the home page and the visitors can easily understand. So, today it is much popular in the platform of digital marketing.

Types of explainer videos:

There are multiple types of explainer videos are available in multiple categories. 2D explainer Video, 3 D animation Video, and Whiteboard explainer videos are more familiar for business promotion.

          1. 2D Explainer video:

Generally, 2D animation videos are made up of 2 dimensions and they can be entirely different from one another. As all, we know 2D explainer videos are shaping through animation. As usual, the major using elements of illustration, graphics, and other designing features are following the same 2D.


2D animation- Picto
          2. 3D Explainer video:

3D explainer videos are a more viral and bit complex than 2D explainer videos. Creating a realistic visual object by using the animated character and present in a real-time environment is a challenging task. Moreover, it takes so much time. Indeed, it is a more dedicated work, and bring perfection is the pinnacle of success.

         3. Whiteboard Explainer Video:

A simple and neat presentation of the video never ignores the choice of a whiteboard explainer video. It is a hand-drawing animation work presented on the whiteboard background. It is one of the popular formats and cost-wise very economic.


Why should I choose an explainer video?

Communication is the heart of the business. For your brand promotion, you need to communicate with the customers in a variety of ways. Then only the customers or clients understand your product, service, or business concept. In this way, the idea of explainer videos is one of the finest platforms that can easily appeal to the customers and offering multiple engagements for your business.


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Hope the above ideas offer the general outline of the explainer video. To know more samples of 2D explainer videos. Just click here.

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Blockchain Videos Production – Picto Design Video

Cryptocurrency or blockchain started its journey from 2008, but numerous people are unaware of it, or they appear new to them. Only bank professionals and economists are well aware of the blockchain concept. People who tend to use the blockchain might struggle due to the confusing layout. In order to explain the concept clearly with the supporting elements, blockchain videos serve as the best marketing tool.

Blockchain videos resolve the learning difficulties and deliver the subject filled with more engaging content that interestingly educates the consumer. These videos assist in a better comprehension of the complicated concepts.

Why Animated Blockchain videos?

Statistics that show video as an optimal tool for blockchain companies

  • 65% audience falls under the visual learning category, 30% under audio learning, and the remaining 5% in kinaesthetic.
  • 80% audience keep in mind about the video watched last month.
  • 70% of users prefer to view video rather than reading text content.
  • Based on the overall purchasing statistics, 98% watch product video before purchase, and 77% finally purchase the product.
  • 52% of audiences on social media platforms prefer watching advertisements than in televisions.

Benefits of Explainer videos for blockchain business

Let’s dive into the key benefits of preparing blockchain animation videos.

  • Increases landing page conversions
  • Promotes your business in social media platforms
  • It offers greater flexibility in explaining complicated concepts.
  • Better branding of the business
  • It supports the holistic customization of the video based on client requirements.
  • It encourages the learning spirit of the audience with a simple structure.
  • Increases your revenue
  • Increases your ranking higher in search engines

Why PictoDesign Studio for Blockchain Video Animation?

Pictodesign composed of creative experts team who prepare impressive explainer videos drives the customer’s attention that improves business development. We strongly believe that our core values of dependability, timely delivery of projects, and customer satisfaction assist us to serve better to various clients across the globe. We consistently deliver our outcomes coupled with complete professionalism and satisfy your demands. Our expert’s team first evaluate the project requirements and offer you a solution that matches the project appropriately.
Planning to get on board, then why do you wait? We are ready to collaborate with business people and entrepreneurs to produce innovative videos that raise the market value of the business in the competitive world.

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