How explainer video assist in ICO or cryptocurrency company promotions?

Explainer video for a cryptocurrency company

The word blockchain is creating revolutionary by emerging the latest technology in the modern world. Sometimes you may prefer to mention the term alone, whereas other times, you might choose to explain the complete working process of the blockchain to your consumers or investors. Do you want to know the primary struggling problem of the startup blockchain company? If yes, then these companies preserve an excellent idea, but explaining to the audience is impossible for them.

If you possess an idea to start a cryptocurrency company, then even after banging your heads to the wall, you will not figure out the perfect marketing strategy until you reach an explainer video.

Comprehend the essential facts of ICO

  • Initial Coin Offerings function as a financial method to raise the capital, which is the same as that of crowdfunding.  In other words, it regulates the lending channels and restricts within the formal financial sector. It performs the cryptocurrency selling to investors for the exchange of bitcoin.
  • In the year 2017, cryptocurrency raised funds of $5.6 billion from various ICO projects. Today the count of cryptocurrencies has exceeded 1500, and many are yet to come. Over this increasing competition, you need an effective marketing strategy that makes you identifiable from the crowd.

The strategy behind ICO video marketing

You might be aware of the youtube popularity among the audience. Statistics report that 87% of businesspeople choose video as a product marketing tool, and 49% of marketers using videos gain more profit than other techniques. The video content pages ranked at the top of search accompanying low bounce rate and high conversion rates up to 80%.


ICO video marketing strategy

If you still held up with the question of using videos for ICO advertising, then leave your worries as you can acquire unlimited benefits through an explainer video. When you launch a new product, you may approach social media platforms and Google for marketing your product, but it will take a long period to gain profit. Video marketing will help you to attract your customers’ attention and boost your sales rate.


Boost your crypto startup through explainer videos

  • If you don’t want to lose your potential buyers and you wish to convert every visitor of the website to a lead, then explainer video would be the right choice for you.
  • With this intention, an explainer video will integrate your website with an enriched SEO strategy, which will lead to driving improved web traffic.


Explainer videos for cryptocurrency companies

  • You can reach your target audience by preparing an explainer video with a duration of 60 to 90 seconds. You might have watched that certain videos will become viral because of their interesting storytelling.

ICOs make progression through raising funds over a short duration, which accompanies innovations as well as leveraging digital tools. You can get a better idea of why you should prepare explainer videos for ICO by checking out the best blockchain videos.

The best five blockchain marketing videos

#Yanu ICO and AI-based Technology video

The video addresses the manual process of drinks serving in the bar business has multiple problems leaving the customer unhappy. Yanu is an artificial intelligence-based blockchain robot, functions autonomously that serves drinks, handles payments, identifies, and communicates with clients. ICO tokens purchased by investors and can be used to buy beverages.

Yanu explainer video designed byPicto Design Studio with a wide experience in delivering hundreds of custom explainer videos, and we are regarded as one of the best startup production studios, having worked with several blockchain companies and ICO companies.

Yanu ICO and AI-based Technology video


Civic is a B2C explainer video with simple graphics explaining the working principle of the app to the target audience. The video showcased the essential features of the app rather than digging into the complete set of business information. Overall, the promotional videos helped the audience to understand the basics of the app with high clarity.

The civic secure identity platform

#The Guardian

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency video prepared by the Guardian considered an entertaining video, which is never missed by any audience. If you are still confused about approaching a video production company, then explainer video comprehends the audience with multiple media like motion graphics, live-action, and whiteboard.

Bitcoin animation – The Guardian

#Gaming gold

The gaming industry appears extensive over the years, and the video explains the new gaming unicorn that appears every year. Generally speaking, the video explains the process flow of mining bitcoin value and how it benefits the clients. The video explains the key points of the gaming gold that impresses the user to get connected with them.

Game gold ICO explainer video

# Laclary

Laclary is a blockchain video stating the functionality of the Laclary, ensuring the reliable manufacturing process of the food. The video proceeds in the right pathway, which develops the trust of the investors in each process. Additionally, informative elements included in the video hook the viewer to the video until the end.

Blockchain Company Startup Video: Laclary

Reach your destiny

The important factor for a well-known cryptocurrency video is the perfect blend of briefing and clarity. In particular, explainer videos prepared within a duration of fewer than 2 minutes. As the decline rate is 5% of the viewer for every minute, you extend the video. For this reason, you can create an effective video only by approaching a video production company integrating a simple storyline with an interesting voice over.

Are you in a mindset to own a stunning video for your blockchain company marketing? If yes, then please check out our portfolio, stating the importance of video marketing. In conclusion, Picto Design Studio visualizes your ideas into a creative format, which makes your dreams to reach the real world by convincing your audience into loyal customers.

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