Boost app development agency business through video marketing

Video marketing for app development agencies

An app explainer video serves as a dominant tool for marketing your app and earns a fast reputation. Users can evaluate an application by simply viewing the video. The majority of the companies reap the animated video benefits regardless of the time zones as well as geographies.

Let’s get into the topic of how you can make use of video marketing to enhance your app usage by the clients.

A short video can convey a message than thousands of words. Well- crafted app explainer video targets potential customers of various domains from a different perspective. In particular, a report states that 40% of people download or purchase a mobile application after watching the animated video.

Important aspects that enforce you to create animation video for app

  • Visuals intend as a promising promotional tool that assists the people to associate with their problem easily. A study states that colored videos increase the eagerness of the client to watch by 80%. Only 65% of people can remember the image of the video after three days of watching it.

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Need for an app explainer video

  • Users of your application may not be proficient with the navigation of menus and their basic operations. Animated video highlights the message of your application by influencing your users to make use of the app.
  • If you tend to prepare an animated video for your app, then it naturally focuses on the branding aspects. It assigns the call to action in the right position enabling more users to get attracted.
  • The promo video for the app enhances the visibility of the application among the users. Users can download the application from the play store with optimized search terms.

The influencing factors of video marketing that help your app promotion

If you prepare a video that offers a solution to the audience what they intend to look for, then you have struck the right chord. Now let’s strike the right coin to play the marketing game in a success mode.

  • A creative app explainer video can make the best impression in the customer’s mind with enhanced brand identification. Moreover, statistics say that shopper who watches the video content tend to purchase the product 1.81 times higher than the non-viewers of the video.
  • Promo video for app establishes a connection with the existing customer that boost the loyalty of the customer and motivates the promotion over social media platforms.


Factors that influence video marketing

Prime factors for an app explainer video

  • If you wish that your app gets downloaded by more users, then you should focus on the qualified users attracts to the application. But this type of user prefers what they should do for the app rather than what they can get from it. Of course, these users comprehend the basic ideas and working principles before they tap a button.
  • App explainer video promoted in social media platforms with search engine optimized keywords. This feature enhances the app’s knowledge among the customers and gets them hooked to the functionality of the app with increased curiosity.

Where to promote your app video?

#Google play store and Apple play store

Posting an app in AppStore exhibits the app benefits along with the quick tips on how to use the app. However, certain AppStore permits a 30-second preview for iPhone and iPad apps. Animated video prepared in various foreign languages to enable the app downloaded among a wide range of customers. You can also post your animation video in alternative app stores, where you need to face low competition. Alternative platforms also support easy integration.

#Social Media platforms

You can acquire more customers with 15 to 30 seconds of video, leading the app to reach the success pathway. Social media platforms make your product viral among the followers and increase the app download. Users will also specify the comments about the app and suggestions to improve the promo video for an app.

social media

How to promote social media platforms

#Distribute among bloggers

You can approach a blogger to prepare an informative article about the app and add the animated video link at the end of the blog. Careful selection of words required to pitch the product among the customers.

#Email marketing:

You create app awareness by sending unlimited business emails that contain the link of the video. You can also prepare a newsletter or technical documentation along with the app explainer video that supports the perceptibility of the target audience.

#Launch your app on the website

Design a perfect landing page of the product with the right layout for animated video along with the description of the video and call to action. The website should possess features such as easy navigation and mobile-friendly such that it enhances the app explainer video promoted to the clients leading to the rise in conversions.

The final gateway to success

Thus the promo video for app preserves the potential to advertise the app with the exceptional quality and confidence of the product. If you need to create professional explainer videos, then you can approach the Picto design studio. In short, we prepare videos that speak our creative thoughts in presenting an app to your client. Please check our works in the portfolio page

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On the whole, we are happy to serve diverse domains without missing any outline of the app. Reach us to get connected with your projects.



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