Where do I get videos to promote my product?

Where do I get videos to promote my product?

Where do I get videos to promote my product? – a head-breaking question to all. If you are one of them, then certainly this blog is for you. Promotion videos can use in many places. Whether it is your business social media platform or marketing avenue or advertisement videos are the outspoken portion. Before starting to make a promotional video, there are a lot of things to consider.

#1. Why are you making this video?

It is the primary question that needs to be addressed at the time of discussing the video script. Always think from the view of the consumer. Meantime, launching the product in the competitive market and how it will be the best to beat the existing or more consumer using product needs to be expressed. All these central ideas need to be brief at the time of scriptwriting. In brief, while seeing this video, the purpose of theexplainer video needs to be crystal clear.

#2. Promoting a product:

Promoting a product video should carry an attraction, and it needs to impress both existing customers and new customers. For the newcomers, this video acts as the threshold and introductory part of your product or service. So, engaging the idea with current trends and often facing issues can easily register with their mind. The storytelling style is one of the popular methods to enclose all the above-mentioned points.

Promoting a product
Product promotion

#3. Promoting a product video with relevant examples:

As a newbie to video making, try to refer to as many references as you can. Try to pick the best format, visual, and type of the video. Having all these references is the best way to communicate your idea to the video maker or a particular 2d &3D animation design agency. Otherwise, getting an innovative and brand new character portrayal in 2D or 3D style is a wise option. If it is not possible, get some reference pieces used in previous works.

#4. Promoting a product with apt content:

promotional video comes with multiple insights. Picking the right one as per the business need is the crucial thing. The promotional video can express your company culture, a milestone of your achievement, launching a new product, wish and celebrating a special occasion on behalf of your company. So, there are such multiple magnitudes that are crazed in the making of the best promotional video. Moreover, it aptly sets with the landing page, social media, and other platforms with limited time boundaries.

production promotion video - picto
Promoting with apt content


#5.Focus on Quality:

Last but not least giving the best quality is an essential thing. Whether it is playing on the website or any other social media, clear streaming of video only gets its attention. Spending more time on video will offer the best result than making an instant video in a hurry. So, try to give enough time, then only the animation video should reflect the exact idea you wished to show on the screen.

I hope you find the general ideas on promotional video making. Whenever making the promotional video, try to check all these features. to ease your search and resolve the video-making complications get in touch with Picto design studio. To explore more videos, click here.



Live Action Video Production

Live-Action videos serve as an effective sales and marketing medium. Every year more and more companies continue to include live video streaming as part of their marketing agenda. The main reason for making live videos is to engage viewers, meanwhile educating them on the valuables of your brand. Videos are easy to understand and are preferred by those who don’t find the time to research your products and services.

Live-action videos have the potential to increase conversions and generate sales when used wisely. Viewers prefer live video content as it delivers the right message in the right manner, which quickly triggers conversions.

You can preserve your target group with well-informed videos, which in turn prompts them to visit and revisit your videos often. This process regulates traffic to your website, boosts rankings, and ultimately increases conversions plus sales.

Why Live Action Videos?

Accordingly, a study conducted to analyze the performance of Live Videos specifies the following highlights:

• More than 81% of Internet and mobile audiences choose live video in 2016 comparatively high than in 2015.

• Breaking news makes up 56% of most-watched live content, with conferences and speakers tied with concerts and festivals in second place at 43%.

• People get bored in reading a blog that makes them prefer such content for about 80%, and also social media posts grab the attention of 82% audience.

• Live video consumers opt to buy a ticket to a concert for about 67%, and about 5% of viewers would pay for a live exclusive on-demand video from a favorite team, speaker, or performer.

Three key benefits of using Live Action videos for your business

• Conveys authentic information about the product with an instructive tone.

• Creates an emotional bond with the viewer supporting business development.

• Reach your target audience quickly and relatable by live-action video to satisfy your demand.

Why PictoDesign Studio for Live Action videos?

The goal of your video points out your brand with a determined style and theme of your video. Creating a live-action video for your online audience certainly differs from making content for television. Hence this is a reason why businesses approach video producers to design stunning animations.

We at PictoDesign work together with our video producer to develop a clear storyline with your ideas. Streamlined ideas emphasize video communication with the right message about your brand. Let us create unique live-action videos connecting your audience instantly. Furthermore, it helps your business to showcase the products within a quick timeline.

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