Check out the five inspiring healthcare video productions and why you should prefer it?

Importance of healthcare video production

People of the current world are well aware that the healthcare industry revolves around the intricate topics. The target audience can understand complicated concepts with the use of promotional videos. If you are a startup of a healthcare provider or supporters of healthcare technology, then you can use these videos to explain the essentials of the drug such that the target audience understands the concept easily. As the healthcare industry changes every day, the use of emerging technologies and trends makes your customers feel the uniqueness of your product.

 Due to the increasing competition in the healthcare industry, you get aligned with animated videos. As these promotional videos improve user engagement, rises the trust over the product, and branding. All these factors certainly lead to driving your site traffic undoubtedly.

As the coin has both sides, assuming a faulty video would hamper your marketing goals and convey an incorrect message to the customers. So it becomes essential to discover the impressive video production companies to withstand in the digital marketing world.

Aspects that enable your decision in selecting video production companies

  • If you tend to select a company that prepares high-quality videos, then you should check their experience and quality of the video.
  • Choose the companies that establish an enriched communication channel to the client in all stages of the production process.
  • As a healthcare provider, your company holds unique values, and mission, then you should select a production company that uniquely delivers the branding videos.
  • When you want to work with an animation company, then you should check the comments, feedback, and reviews from the previous clients.
  • If you prefer the company that offers video at a cheap rate, then you fall into the risk of sacrificing quality. So you should find out a company that delivers a high-quality healthcare video fitting in your budget.

 The five best healthcare video production companies

#Picto design studio

Well, it may resemble hypocritical by placing us in the first position, but we strongly assure you that we possess hard-earned experience of handling diverse clients. Our company possesses the richest wealth of working with the top healthcare units and satisfied them with compelling videos exhibiting the uniqueness by all means.

Our team primarily focuses on animated explainer videos. We are proud to say that we possess the ability to create outstanding deliverables.

  • Picto Design Studio prepares high-quality personalized videos that meet client demands.
  • Our video production process involves the smooth and effective operations that deliver the video on time.
  • We integrate a creative video marketing strategy that enables you to achieve your marketing goals.


Picto Design Studio created a healthcare video CanAssist to identify the recurrence of breast cancer in patients. CanAssist is a prognostic test that offers vital insights to help oncologists determine the right treatment regimen for each patient. Along with the existing pathology report, this test result can help identify the likelihood of cancer returning post-surgery and whether the patient is likely to benefit from adding chemotherapy to her hormone therapy. The video also explains the proteomics-based method integrated with machine learning methods used for breast cancer diagnosis.

CanAssist-Breast – Healthcare 2D explainer video by PICTO

#Nucleus Medical Media

Nucleus Medical Media is an agency preparing compelling animations as well as illustrations falling into various categories of biotechnology, medical devices, and surgery. They have created a dynamic and informative explainer video stating the advantages of biotechnology.

Complications of high blood pressure animation

#Video Seo Pro

This video offers enhanced support for cancer patients. Video Seo Pro crafted this video with the easy-to-digest and informative that reaches extensive users. The majority of the healthcare animation coupled with storytelling, which makes the concepts more accessible and increases the engagement of the viewer.

VSP – healthcare

#Idea Rocket

If you wish to explain a complicated topic into an easy one, then you should choose whiteboard animation. Plus, these people have added fun to view the video, which grabs the viewer’s eyes. This dietary animation video serves as the best example of targeting viewers. Idea rocket delivers the message with increased power compacting clear as well as simple way.

Patient journey – Idea Rocket


This healthcare video showcases different tones as well as style in explaining the concepts. The video states the importance of healthcare in terms of communities. Epipheo utilized a dramatic live-action method to explain healthcare information. It is expensive to prepare the video, although you receive an emotional connection to the video that makes you feel great!

Right care alliance – Epipheo

After watching these videos, you can identify that an experienced and artistic team is behind healthcare video production. Now, these five healthcare video productions have struck you with creative efforts, right? If yes then, get ready to gear up with our healthcare videos. In essence, we support you by preparing animation videos for healthcare to explain complex information to the viewer.

If you find a great time with us, please check our next article on how app development agencies make use of animated videos for their business progression.

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