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Client requirement:

 We were approached by the team of TCS to produce an explainer video for the launch of their software TCS TwinX. Generally, the industry scale operations, process variables, and their interrelationships are multifarious. To resolve the complexities in business decision-making and execution, TCS TwinX offers evidence-based insights in real-time. Our task was to create a captivating  promotion video to explain how TCS Twinx works, what are the various enterprise spheres accommodated under this TwinX, and how it stands as a unique software product in the market. All these video processes deserve the digital theme for the prolific upshot.


How we planned:

As part of the work routine, we discussed and took more references to complete this video project. First and foremost the script was given by the team of TCS. Along with the script, they offered a sample reference and color combinations. It was a plain theme. So, we meticulously planned the visuals and storyboard. We thought the usage of 2D animation would be apt for the end result.


2D animation



Project Challenges:

Once the storyboard and the sample panel works were completed and sent to the client for approval. The client felt that the sample panel work on their given plain theme seems to be stark. How to select the next colors, planning the other sample panel, and delivering the satisfying video in a committed time bound was the greatest challenge. So, our team splits to carry the load and work efficiently to complete the cherished project.


How we did it:

So, our team again discussed and took multiple references to work on the video. Having a base of their logo color, we took more samples. Initially, the clients hesitated to change their planned color after showing multiple eye-catching work samples we won over their opinion and they approved their blue-based theme color. After we planned the working hypothesis, our clients also eagerly took our suggestion and gave their opinion on visuals. As per the client’s requirement, we used 3D animation to highlight the work processes as well as the special features.






While working on the project, our team initially tried the 2D animation particle usage as the background. Most of the phases followed with the 2D particles and gave a strong bond between the script and visual. To match the digital theme, the object particle swirls, and screening of the contents, and balancing the theme color with a blend of other colors perfectly grab the flow, and the outcome of the video was heart-appealing for the clients. The team of TCS was very amiable, though they have their own animation team, to get the unique outlook and different perspective on their idea they approached us.


Production promotion video
TCS TwinX | Picto Design Studio




As per their expectation, the video comes out as an exclusively new one from their habitual working style. To cross-check the product process, three different client teams gave their suggestions and opinions. After a few minor corrections and two sittings of video revision, our  Product promotion video was approved by the team of TCS. There is no barrier to unleash your creativity. Our team’s unanimous workflow always reflects in this project.



We are Picto Design Studio! Our project crew:

Creative Direction: Abraham & Vivek Raj

Illustration: Abraham Churchill

Visualizer: Tharani

Animation: Vivek Raj

Animation: Kalaiselvan

Animation: Karthigan

Project Coordination: Preeti

Voice-over Artist: Client

Time: 1 Month

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