2D & 3D Animated Promotional Video Production

Well-groomed salespersons will no more be found on the streets but will be animated mascots on promotional videos. Selling is no more telling; it is all about watching what a brand has to show. Marketing has transformed from cold calls, follow-ups, demo, conversion, sales, to show-it-all, sell, and move on. For that reason, promo videos have now become the order of the day, with a steady increase in the viewership.

Why Animated Promotional Videos?

As a consumer, you would decide based on what you see, as we responded to television ads. Unlike the TV ads, a promo video could catch the eye on the go, as the Internet drives the day. HubSpot states that featuring promotional videos on a landing page increases sales conversions by 80%, and increases the possibility of showing up on Page 1 of the SERP by 53%.

Studies dish out data that 82% of Twitter users mostly watch videos, while 45% of Facebook and YouTube users are into watching videos for more than an hour per week. Moreover, a whopping 87% of online marketers use video content for various purposes. So, show your kitchen tidy, food will sell by itself.

Promo videos have long since been an integral part of marketing, and businesses that are on the digital platforms only thrive. As search engines look for viewers engaging content, videos remain as their favorite pick to show in search results.

Videos bring in plentiful views and ensure a longer page stay of the viewers. Promotional videos portray the brand personality and build trust in the consumers when videos educate or inform the consumers about your product. There is growing scope for video marketing and animation promo videos, which conveys emotional, sensible content that augments customer decisions.

Why PictoDesign Studio for Animation Promo Videos?

“Video marketing is for bigger brands”, is a myth today! Get on board with PictoDesign Studio! PictoDesign Studio is a thriving name in producing promo videos possessing a great acumen of the industry and a wide clientele of celebrated brands. PictoDesign Studio pitches client brands through animated promo videos and induces higher conversion rates for them.

Delivering value is the bottom-line of PictoDesign Studio that does not just produce promo videos, but also meticulously crafts them each creatively on par, and go over the client requirements. PictoDesign Studio withholds greater cognition of higher value delivery in an optimal period, ensuring that every client enjoys the privilege. Let PictoDesign speak value to your customers and translate fortune to you!

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