What is your review of Animated explainer Videos?

May 09, 2021

Animated explainer Video – Introduction

 Animated explainer videos are playing a vital role in the world of video marketing. Now we all are well-known about the marketing impact of an explainer video. So, when getting ready for the video making, what kind of video is to make? – A great confusion for many business people. Animation and live-action videos are the familiar video types nowadays used in the video marketing platform. Some businesspeople give importance to live-action videos. They thought more than the cartoon characters, real and live-human actions can gain more attention.

But explaining the concept to the actors, choosing the best shooting spot, costumes, and other back-end works are time-killing works. Unfortunately, the actor fails to give the perfect emotion to the video which will be good for nothing. Compare the overall cost of expense the animated explainer videos are the ever best choices. Multiple benefits are coming while using an animated video. The primary reason is it can easily convey the message as we planned. Whether you need the sad, serious, or funny tone all can be easy to create.

Animated explainer video-picto

It is the vital reason for the brands of Facebook, Pizza hut, and Google-like business tycoons using animated videos for their promotions. Why are they giving more preferences to these types of videos? While using social media platforms like YouTube, and Facebook, animated explainer videos gain more attention. Fortunately, once the video or its idea impresses the viewers, they immediately share it with others. So, the reach of the video is a massive one. These perky types get more impressions than the live-action videos. So, communicating an idea about a product, service, and its related demos which is simple and imaginatively is possible only with 2D and 3D animation videos.



  • Generally, an explainer video carrying some fundamental characteristic qualities as:
  • The maximum limit of an explainer video that needs not exceed more than two minutes is the golden rule. 
  • If it crosses this specific time duration, there is less chance that the viewers can skip the video.
  • While using the samples of characters, places, and objects all portray in the mode of animation video making is a convenient option. Besides, the creativity and posh colors are the pluses.
Animated explainer video
Explainer video-Picto
  • Apart from the videos, many things can connect people with other secondary elements. Like information, expressions, the emotion of the character, voice-over, background music, etc.
  • Comparing to the text passage the explainer videos are always pleasing the viewers. Representing business ideas and concepts is a much easier one.
  • Now marketing has no boundary. Social media promotion to introducing a new brand and explaining the business idea to the investors all these processes can complete with this simple explainer video making.

 Still, are you searching for the best 2D and 3D animation agencies? Just see their video works and analyze how they simplified the business concept into an engaging video. Before calculating the overall cost, the quality usage of animation, time duration, the script works, concepts, and voice all need to be effective without any compromise. Try to check it before. To ease your work, I attached the best reference. To know them just click here.




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