An explainer video created for Data Analysis course promotion

We have created a graphics explainer video to promote the launch of SG Academy’s Data analysis Course which offers hands-on experience and practical knowledge. SG academy is Rated 5 Star by MOHR for the year 2012-2013.

This case study 2D animated video created by the Picto Design Studio shows how Josh was able to do deep data analysis for his pharmaceutical company to come up with the best vaccine on trial.

All, thanks to the training on data analytics he got at the SG Academy. Similarly, Steve who also got trained in data analytics at the SG Academy was able to perform data analysis to determine and predict customer behavior in key target markets.

Data analytics courses designed to help participants learn how to transform data into actionable insights that are embraced by decision makers.

The challenge:

Explainer videos should be creative and engaging, but they should attract leads and generate good ROI. They’re not just about making people smile, they’re about increasing conversion rates and motivate visitors to take the next step. The video we created for SG academy has helped them generate 80% more enrollment and 200% ROI which is more than expected

SG Academy is leading skills training institute based in Kualambur, Malaysia.  The wanted to introduce Big Data Analytic course conducted by industry leaders. Their focus is to get more enrollment in the corporate sector.

The solution:

We worked with SG Academy and Conversion Rate Experts to create a short animated promotional video to quickly and effectively present SG academy to visitors, increase conversion rates, and boost enrollment.

Producing an explainer video for your business can be a big investment, both in time and money. But as we’ve found a time and again, it may just turn out to be one of the best investments you can make.


Client          :  SG Academy

Product       :  Corporate Training

Industry     :  Education

Country      :  Malaysia

Video style :  Motion Graphics

Type            :  B2C video

Duration    :   60 secs

Audience  : Corporate professionals, students,  corporate employees



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