Kitkarma Infographic video

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Infographic video is created by using combining various animations to create an informational video that allows giving an explanation for data in an engaging manner and goals at improving their attitude on the subject count.

Why make a video infographic?

  • They’re engaging. 90% of the data transmitted to the mind is visual and most of the people are what are known as ‘visual beginners’. because of the manner our brains work, we keep visual facts i.e. infographics, tons extra readily than information obtained by audio or textual content.
  •  They’re attractive. not simplest are neat visuals amusing to examinebut 46.1% of people report that they choose the credibility of a website by means of its designif you create a first-ratelooking infographic video you’ll appearance authoritative, people will agree with you and can be far much more likely to listen to your message.
  • They’re realmaximum infographics are made up from information and incontrovertible statistics collected via scientific techniquebecause of this, the content of infographics are, to the high-quality of human information, undeniably real, and there’s no higher manner to argue your factor than from a function of absolute fact.
  • They’re shareable. It’s emerging as so smooth to percentage films on social media that popular ones can get several million perspectivesif you make a laugh and interesting infographic video, people will share it with their buddies and it’ll be seen with the aid of masses of people. If it’s on your website, people can also oneway link to it, making it a long way more likely to rank higher in Google searches.

Kitkarma wanted to build a trusted community of borrowers and lenders at Kitkarma. Able to connect and interact on the platform is one of the key aspect of the whole experience that Kitkarma provides. Kitkarma wanted to create a how it works video for both the borrowers and the lenders so that they can understand how the platform works.

Through this animated how it works infographic video, Picto Design Studio has not only helped Kitkarma to achieve their object but also increase their brand value in the eyes of their targeted customers.



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