Animation Video Production

Picto Design Studios, based in India and USA, is an expert in the production of Animation Videos and Animated Explainer Videos in 2D and 3D for business. We understand that the average human attention span is on the decline, and we tailor-make our animated video in such a way so as to grab the immediate attention of our users adopting the principles of brain science for achieving the business objectives of our clients. 

UI / UX Design

UI/UX Design of your website or app, either web or mobile, is not just about offering an awesome user experience to your users or customers. It is defining the way your customer makes a journey from click, lead and right up to sales. It is about making them come back to your website or application again and again. We follow the principles of Cognitive Psychology and iterate continuously with user feedback.

Branding Design

We connect branding design to the emotional needs of our customers. Branding is more emotional than logical or even intangible contrary to what most people think. We understand that a sound branding identity is the vehicle of a brand’s promotional efforts. We strictly follow a brand’s style guide so that it strikes the right chord with its users or customers every time, and forms an instant connect with them.

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